Review: 2003 Shasta Shortz Cans

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My last can review covered cans for the adult market. This review will take a look at cans marketed to children. Shasta Shortz was a 6-can set from the United States in 2003 with wild colors and crazy candy-like flavors that were made caffeine-free with kids in mind.

Shasta Shortz - Overview

Each of the “short” cans was 8 fluid ounces (kid-portioned) and had a full color design of a pair of shorts wrapped around the entire can. The cans were sold in 8-pack boxes, so Shasta was able to focus more on the design and drop things like the volume and nutrition facts. They did add the text “THIS UNIT NOT LABELED FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE” on each of the cans since this key information was missing. This also forced consumers to buy more cans as they could only buy them in bulk. Each can also has its own unique barcode, however, I’m not sure why since the cans weren’t sold individually.

Shasta Shortz - Cotton Candy

The first can we will look at is Cotton Candy. The shorts on this can are pink with red, white and what looks like light pink vertical stripes. The belt and background are both purple. The belt has a thin silver belt buckle and two silver buttons on the fly. On the back, we see the words “SHASTASHORTZ.COM” on the left and there is a barcode designed as the back right pocket.

Shasta Shortz - Red Grape Stain

The second can we will look at is Red Grape Stain. These shorts are blue denim with (you guessed it), pinkish red grape stains in a few places on the shorts. The brown belt has a silver rectangular buckle with the words, “SHASTASHORTZ.COM”. There is also a pen and a Levi’s-style tag that reads, “SHASTA”. On the back is a grape-stained barcode pocket on the left. On the right there is another Levi’s-style tag on the side of the pocket that reads, “SHASTA”, a pen hanging out of the pocket and a wallet with a 10 dollar bill sticking out of it. Finally, along the top there is a pink ribbon type of thing with “SHASTA” written all over it. I’m really not sure what it is supposed to be.

Shasta Shortz - Camo Orange Creme

The third can we will look at is Camo Orange Creme. I have no idea where in the world you would be that would require orange camo, but if you found such a place, these would be the shorts for you. On the front there is a military dog tag that seems to be hanging from somewhere up above that has “SHASTASHORTZ.COM” on it. Similar to the Red Grape Stain can, there is a ribbon type thing at the top with “SHASTA” all over it – this time in green. Maybe it is the bottom of a shirt? On the back, the left pocket is the barcode and the right pocket has the flavor with 3 green stars above it.

Shasta Shortz - Chillin' Cherry Punch

The fourth can we will look at is Chillin’ Cherry Punch. These light green shorts have vertical stripes, like the Cotton Candy can, but here they are in red and white. The shorts have a purple lace which is untied, giving them the feel that they are swim trunks. On the back is “SHASTASHORTZ.COM” and the familiar barcode pocket.

Shasta Shortz - Bubble Gum

The fifth can we will look at is Bubble Gum. Here are purple swim trunks with an untied black lace. This messy Shasta drinker has sticky pink bubble gum all over his bathing suit and a yellow barcode pocket on the back.

Shasta Shortz - Rah Rah Root Beer

The last can we will look at is Rah-Rah Root Beer. These are orange sweat-shorts that are again untied with a red waistband and white stripes up each side. On the back is a big red number “8″ and a barcode. I’m sorry to say that Shasta dropped the ball on this sporty can as this is the only can without the barcode pocket.

Video: Shasta Shortz Commercial
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As you can see from the photos, this is a very creative and fun can set. It’s a shame we don’t see more cans like this from Shasta. The Shasta Tiki Punch can is nice, but it’s nowhere near the awesomeness of the Shasta Shortz cans.

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