Review: Jones Soda Ginger Bread Soda (2011)

For 2011, Jones Soda has released 4 “Holiday” flavors, continuing their tradition of special beverages this time of year. You may remember 2010′s Bacon Soda, a worthy follow-up to the festive drink that started it all, Turkey & Gravy Soda.

Jones Soda Ginger Bread Soda (2011)

Here at BevReview, we pride ourselves in having covered over 40 Jones Soda holiday soft drink releases since they first appeared; just take a look at our yearly archives: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, & 2010.

When I attended the NACS Show in October, I not only learned about Jones’ return to canned beverages, but also got a chance to chat with CEO Bill Meissner about the company’s holiday flavor plans. It would appear the company is playing the game a bit more conservatively this year, with the featured flavors all haven’t been previously released. More importantly, none of these drinks are actually gross. I’m going to guess that they’ll probably sell more when folks aren’t actually vomiting from ham-flavored soft drinks.

Which leads us to Jones Soda Ginger Bread Soda, notably a return of the original Gingerbread Man Soda from 2007. You’ll note the slight namechange, dropping the “Man”. Also, “Ginger Bread” is now two words, vs. “Gingerbread”. Which spelling do you prefer?

This brownish-colored drink comes in a standard Jones bottle, complete with black label design and holiday-themed photos. My bottle photo (#1240721) featured a dog wearing a Santa hat, shot by Paula Herrlich of Seneca, PA. Pop the cap and you are greeted by a welcomed cinnamon-like scent that yes, does hint of gingerbread goodness. As for the taste, it’s excellent. One of our testers remarked that the unique flavor would go well with vanilla ice cream, ala root beer float style. There’s a pleasant infusion of spices, which is a nice departure in a soft drink, producing something that does seem like a great seasonal fit. On a whim, we mixed this beverage with some Pepsi and it brought back the flavor experience we loved so much with the long-gone Pepsi Holiday Spice (2004). Aftertaste is clean thanks to use of cane sugar, and the hearty flavor and scent really compliment each other quite well. Highly recommended!

Jones Soda Ginger Bread Soda Soda
Carbonated water, inverted can sugar, citric acid, natural flavors, caramel color, phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate (as preservative), gum acadia, potassium sorbate (as preservative), calcium disodium EDTA (to protect flavor)

A 12 oz. bottle contains 180 calories, 35 mg sodium, and 44 g carbs (44 g sugars). Caffeine free.

(Oh, and Pepsi, if you want to bring back Holiday Spice anytime soon, we’re all for it. Pepsi Holiday Spice Throwback has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?)

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Full Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of Jones Soda Co.
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