Review: 7Up Ten

7Up Ten

7Up Ten is an alternate take on a no/low-calorie version of the lemon lime classic. The increase in sweetness & lemon flavor make it a winner!

Guess the Bev #18

Guess the Bev #18

It’s purplish. The flavor is “Berry Blast”. And it has just a bit of a shine. Can you name the beverage depicted in this photo?

Review: Sunkist Ten

Sunkist Ten

Sunkist Ten offers a more authentic flavor than Diet Sunkist. If you are looking for a lower calorie orange soft drink, Ten is what you seek!

Review: Nestle Aguas Frescas – Horchata, Jamaica, and Tamarindo

Nestle Aguas Frescas

Nestle Aguas Frescas comes in 3 flavors: Horchata, Jamaica, and Tamarindo. Not bad, but tastes mass-produced and far from authentically-flavored.

Review: Coba Aguas Frescas – Jamaica, Guayaba, Mango, and Tamarindo

Coba Aguas Frescas

Coba Aguas Frescas, or “refreshing fruit waters,” use natural ingredients for amazing, ready-to-drink, Mesoamerican flavor. Highly recommended!

Review: Avitae Caffeinated Water

Avitae Caffeinated Water

Avitae Caffeinated Water is clear, clean, and quite appealing — and that describes both the flavor and the great packaging. A unique approach for a simple idea!

Review: Doc 360 & Diet Doc 360

Doc 360

Doc 360 & Diet Doc 360 are quality Dr Pepper clones with a differentiating increase in caffeine. The flavor is slightly less biting than the original, but the overall taste profile is excellent.

Review: 1995 Fanta Disney’s The Lion King Cans

1995 Fanta Lion King Cans

You’ll be singing “Hakuna Matata” after reading this review of cans from The Lion King, originally released in Germany in 1995.

Review: Kickapoo Joy Juice

Kickapoo Joy Juice

Kickapoo Joy Juice is a citrus soda in the same vein as Mountain Dew, but sweetened with sugar and stronger carbonated bite. Great taste!