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After enjoying Sunkist Ten, we continue our look at the 2nd Generation of "Ten" flavors from Dr Pepper Snapple Group with a look at 7Up Ten. Along with the aforementioned Sunkist flavor, it joins A&W Ten, Canada Dry Ten, and RC Ten in testing following the successful launch of Dr Pepper Ten.

7Up Ten

7Up seems to be the product that can't catch a break these days. It's dwarfed by Sprite and Sierra Mist in U.S. sales, and seems to undergo a new formulation every other year. We're fans of the current version, which arrived in 2010, and seemingly brought back some of the distinctive flavor that set apart 7Up from the other lemon limes. New line extensions have been added with varying success, such as the decent 7Up Mixed Berry and the atrocious reboot of Cherry 7Up. I'm not not sure who thought it was a good idea to dress the brand up as a freak show with the release of 7Up Retro in cans (thankfully, the bottle was classy). Great taste there, just oddly marketed. With the mixed bag of quality execution, one has to wonder about the fate of 7Up Ten.

The Ten Lineup

Like Sunkist Ten, 7Up Ten borrows from the design cues of Dr Pepper Ten, namely with the use of a grey color on the label. This provides a counterpoint to the expected green 7Up branding, but does a nice job of setting apart the drink from the existing original and diet versions. The addition of the "TEN" label is the same style at Dr Pepper Ten, though it doesn't thematically blend well with the existing 7Up look. As established in the "Ten" lineup, the packaging proclaims that 7Up Ten offers "10 Great Tasting Calories." Remember, this drink is not only sweetened with both aspartame and acesulfame potassium (Ace-K), but also high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), with the thinking that this allows for better, non-diet flavor.

So what about that taste? To better gauge the flavor and offer comparisons, we tasted 7Up Ten side-by-side Diet 7Up. Additionally, since the target audience for 7Up Ten is probably converting folks from full calorie 7Up, we had a bottle of that handy as well. When you pop the tab on 7Up Ten, you are greeted with a very sweet, almost candy-like scent. This differs slightly from Diet 7Up, which tends to smell just like the 7Up you expect. The look and color of the drink is the same no matter what version you choose… it's clear and bubbly.

The flavor itself is much different, however. While Diet 7Up has noticeable medicinal flavoring and obvious artificial sweetener aftertaste, 7Up Ten does a much better job of masking that experience. For one thing, it's a lot more lemony in taste, quite a bit more than even full calorie 7Up. The drink is also quite sweet, considerably more than Diet 7Up. The flavor profile is therefore slightly different than the 2010 reboot of 7Up, but in this case, it works. While you can still taste hints of the artificial sweeteners, it's nowhere near as bad as Diet 7Up. (It should be noted that the sweeteners became easier to pick out the warmer the drink got; we found the best results when cold). In effect, 7Up Ten creates an alternate reality take on a no/low-calorie version of the lemon lime classic. The increase in sweetness and lemon flavor make for an excellent drink!

7Up Ten
Filtered carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, potassium citrate, potassium benzoate (preservative), natural flavors, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, calcium disodium EDTA (to protect flavor)

A 12 oz can contains 10 calories, 45 mg sodium, and 2 g carbs (2 g sugars). Caffeine free.

For those interested in a comparison…

Diet 7Up
Filtered carbonated water and contains 2% or less of each of the following: natural flavors, citric acid, potassium citrate, potassium benzoate (protects flavor), aspartame, acesulfame potassium, calcium disodium EDTA (protects flavor)

A 12 oz can contains 0 calories, 45 mg sodium, and 0 g carbs (0 g sugars). Caffeine free.

I was skeptical when I saw another rebooted version of 7Up in the pipeline, but 7Up Ten does deliver the goods. If you can afford the 10 calories, it's far superior to Diet 7Up.

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  1. This one seems interesting.

  2. VanHalenFan says:

    The chemicals in this product can be a serious problem for some people. You may not know it till you have a reaction. I got a free sample of 7up10 lemon lime, after a concert. Tasted pretty good, but 40 mins after ingesting, I had a bad reaction and passed out in the backseat of my friends car, on the way home. I was out for nearly 10 mins and lost all control and function. When I regained consciousness, I was sick to my stomach and threw up several times in the car, on the way. My friends drove me home as I was unable to even drive my own car. When we got to my house, I staggered in like I was drunk although I had had no alcohol. After some online research the next day, I realized that the combination of artificial sweeteners, & the flavor stabilizer, probably made my blood sugar crash. I and my family will never use this product. Others should think twice about it too.

  3. wendy chaplinsky says:


  4. wendy chaplinsky says:


  5. So it seems the "Tens" have the worst combination possible. The toxic mutated high fructose corn poison AND the chemical sweeteners.

    Got the free Safeway coupon, but I think I will pass.

    When they come up with a blend of actual sugar and Stevia, THAT would be worth trying.

  6. I tried 7Up Ten and it think it is delicious! Dr. Pepper Ten is great and I hope the company gives 7Up Ten a fair shake. My wife HATES diet soda, but she thinks it is pretty good.,

  7. This taste pretty damn good. I have Sunkist Ten and RC Ten left to try.

  8. I Would Like To Say I Love The Tested Of Dr Pepper Ten & RC Ten.

  9. When are soda pop manufacturers going to get smart and use Stevia to sweeten diet drinks. No after taste. Super sweet taste. And it's healthy. So what's the problem?

  10. Wendy W Leep says:

    Disappointed to see they are using Aspartame. I gave up diet soda for that reason.

  11. S. Mitchell says:

    I tried the 7Up Ten, it has a strange taste, the same reason I can't drink diet sodas because the taste of the artificial sweetner is pretty bad, and it gives me a headache.

  12. Tom Cerrato says:

    ya, aspartame is a poison…High Fructose Corn Syrup….and all that crap……use Stevia as the only diet free sugar…..I made my own soda with Stevia, and agave gives it a great taste…..they need to quit using these poisons…….

  13. I am in favor of these new flavors. Do these exist without the aspartame?

  14. Margaret Stan's says:

    I absolutely love 7 up 10. I have drinking regular 7 up for years (because I don't care for diet 7 up) and now I can get the great taste with less sugar & calories! I don't notice any "aftertaste" as I it ice cold. I hope that this new product sticks around because it is awesome!

  15. susie carter says:

    Nutisweet is a nerve agent duh

  16. Absolutely no aspartame. It is a chemical toxin. Stevia is the best organic, non-toxic sweetener to use for soda.

  17. Why use Aspartame? Why not Splenda and Nectresse which are both from natural plants. The chemical Aspartame is very bac for you and some people cannot use it. Splenda and Nectress do not have the after taste that it has.

  18. I stopped drinking soda period when i was about 23 because i realized, soda just has too much dam sugar, i only wished for day a soda would come a long where they would only use half of the amount of sugar. And when i talk about sugar, I mean REAL CANE SUGAR, and not all this poison. I understand, i'ts half as sweet as fructose corn syrup and aspartame, but DAMMIT! I DONT CARE, if it's a hint of sweet and lemony, they can have ALLL MY MONEY, but their just isn't a market for, non rot your teeth away soda, my health comes first.

  19. Ron Rust says:

    I don't understand why you would reformulate and use a neurotoxin like aspartame; it has more
    serious documented reactions than any other sweetener.

  20. Judy Johnson says:

    I will never drink soda again until they use Stevia,Nutress (natural),or 1/2 pure cane sugar~!!
    What in the hell is the matter with these companies??…..Don't they know that people do not want the toxic poisons in their sodas,but keep shoving it at us anyway~????
    Wise up~!


  22. I was excited for 7Up 10, thinking that if it had calories it wouldn't have artificial sweeteners. Unfortunately, it still has aspartame. When are soda companies going to finally realize that a lot of people either don't want to put that crap in their bodies, or physically can't because it makes them ill?

  23. I like it a lot. No after taste like the diet drinks. Hard to find in the local stores.

  24. I am having trouble believing you actually are spending money to develop and market another product containing aspartame.

  25. I just don't like the after-taste from aspartame. I've looked and looked for a diet soft drink that used sucralose instead. Finally found one – diet Ale-8. Maybe it's just personal taste, but I find diet drinks with Sucralose taste much better.

  26. of course the plastic bottle vs can will taste different and have a different affect on one body

  27. Still using the poison aspartame.

  28. Joseph Whitehead says:

    Bonnie: It's the cost :( Sucralose/Splenda is in the same boat.
    Wendy W Leep & Pam: I'm with you on that one. I'll try one 59-cent bottle just because it's on sale and I'm curious. Not going to likely make a habit of buying it.

    Gotta LOL@some of the ALL-CAPS reviews. "I used a packet of Nutrasweet and my arm fell off!" "My dog ran away after arriving home with these sodas." Ok, hyperbole but dang, they were still funny. Aspartame is pretty bad but like booze, it takes years to rot your brain although some (minority of?) people have bad reactions first time. The ingredient is why I'll stick to seltzer and carbonated drinks with real fruit flavoring if I want diet without the poison. Or just drink full-flavored sodas and drink more WATER in-between to make up for the sugar.

  29. They should be using xylitol. We should not be consuming HFCS!

  30. Thanks for the free drinks they taste really good


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