Review: Canada Dry Ten

Our travels through the 2nd Generation of "Ten" flavors from Dr Pepper Snapple Group allow us to discover Canada Dry Ten, a new sibling to Sunkist Ten, 7Up Ten, and A&W Ten. These flavors, along with RC Ten, are currently in testing following the successful launch of Dr Pepper Ten.

Canada Dry Ten

When it comes to mass produced ginger ale, Dr Pepper Snapple has a big footprint in the marketplace by having both Canada Dry and Schweppes in its flavor stable. The only other big player is Coke's Seagram's brand. This fact alone would seem to make Canada Dry a likely candidate for the "Ten" treatment, though I'd think it's also ideal because of the mixer element of the drink as well. Some innovative line extensions have been added over the years, including Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale, in hopes to expand the ginger ale offerings. Recently, the brand has been advertising that it's "Made with Real Ginger," despite that not appearing on the ingredients at all. Let's not fool ourselves here… Canada Dry isn't exactly a Reed's or Fresh Ginger-caliber product when it comes to the ginger experience.

The Ten Lineup

Like the other 2nd generation "Ten" flavors, Canada Dry Ten borrows from the design cues of Dr Pepper Ten through the addition of a gunmetal grey color to the label. The color actually works pretty well as a compliment for the white/green scheme typically associated with the logo, though the way "Ten" is added to the logo, one might miss the distinction or associate this with Diet Canada Dry. As established in the "Ten" lineup, the packaging proclaims that Canada Ten offers "10 Great Tasting Calories," utilizing 3 sweeteners: aspartame, acesulfame potassium (Ace-K), and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

The "Ten" lineup from Dr Pepper Snapple Group seems targeted at a demographic that isn't buying the "Diet" versions of said drinks, and in many cases, as noted by the Dr Pepper Ten advertising campaign, that would tend to be the male demographic. To best see if Canada Dry Ten could lure drinkers of full calorie Canada Dry, we compared Ten against Diet Canada Dry and regular Canada Dry.

When all three drinks are poured side-by-side-by-side, the first thing one notices is color. Diet Canada Dry is a darker yellowish color, while regular Canada Dry and Canada Dry Ten are lighter and look similar. The Diet iteration is also quite a bit more foamy/bubbly than the other two. Finally, the scent of Diet Canada Dry is quite muted, while regular and Ten have a somewhat sweet bouquet.

Regular, full calorie Canada Dry isn't a bad drink. It's sweet and has a hint of ginger flavor. It's light and works well by itself or with food. There's a certain HFCS-syupyness that lasts in the aftertaste. In contrast, Diet Canada Dry's artificial sweeteners are pretty obvious when you sample it, really being noticeable in the bottom part of the mouth with a strong fake experience. Which brings us to new Canada Dry Ten, which actually does a pretty decent job of mimicking the flavor profile of the original. It's sweeter than Diet and closer in overall level to regular. Like the other entries in the "Ten" lineup, it starts out strong tasting like the original namesake, only later having the artificial sweeteners kick in. But that first blast of familiar flavor goes a long way in making Canada Dry more palatable than its Diet brethren. I'd argue that it's a good lower calorie substitute for the original if you are watching your calorie intake.

The use of artificial sweeteners in this ginger ale lineup seems to be a bit more finicky than some of the more bold flavors in the "Ten" lineup. I think they are more noticeable overall. Therefore, while Canada Dry Ten isn't perfect in taking just like a full calorie version, I think it does a pretty darn good job shooting for it!

Canada Dry Ten
Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium citrate, malic acid, sodium benzoate (preservative), aspartame, natural flavors, acesulfame potassium, caramel color

A 12 oz can contains 10 calories, 115 mg sodium, and 2 g carbs (2 g sugars). Caffeine free.

For those interested in a comparison…

Diet Canada Dry
Carbonated water, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate (preservative), malic acid, aspartame, caramel color, natural flavors, acesulfame potassium, calcium disodium EDTA (to preserve flavor)

A 12 oz can contains 0 calories, 120 mg sodium, and 0 g carbs (0 g sugars). Caffeine free.

Canada Dry Ten is a pretty well executed, low cal knockoff of the original. It's better than Diet and worth a try!

Update 2/9/13: The official national rollout of Canada Dry Ten features a slightly changed design when compared to the version we reviewed in February 2012. Here's a look at the finalized can:

Canada Dry Ten - 2013 Rollout Version

Canada Dry Ten – 2013 Rollout Version

Here's a look at the two versions side-by-side. Which design do you prefer?

Canada Dry Ten: Test Version 2012 (Left) vs. Rollout Version 2013 (Right)

Canada Dry Ten: Test Version 2012 (Left) vs. Rollout Version 2013 (Right)


  1. Well, this may be the most interesting one to try out of the new "Ten" flavors.

  2. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    You forgot to mention Dr. Pepper Snapple's best ginger soda… VERNOR'S!

  3. Canada dry ten review. I'm not impressed. Too sweet, not enough ginger flavor. I'm staying with Diet Canada Dry. Price was good.

  4. I tried this today. It's a little too sweet.

  5. I just bought a 12 pack, I am not a happy camper. The carton clearly says" MADE FROM REAL GINGER" Which is why I bought it. After I tasted it, I looked at the ingredents. THERE IS NO GINGER LISTED IN THE INGREDENTS. I'm taking the 12 pack back to the store for a refund.

  6. Not only is the official rollout can inferior in color/design (in my opinion), I also can't help but think the flavor profile has been muted. It's kind of reading more on the 7-Up Ten (which I dislike greatly) end than Canada Dry. I loved Canada Dry Ten until about five minutes ago when I opened a can of the new look stuff. Now it tastes like vaguely sweetended carbonated water..

  7. Donna Reagan says:

    Our Shoprite introduced the Canada Dry Ginger Ale 10. I bought 2 twelve packs. I loved it and now I can not find it anywhere. I would love to know where I can buy more of it.

  8. I have only 1 word for the canada Dry 10 (HORIBBLE) I will stick with the Canada Dry regular Ginger Ale

  9. Rob weeve says:

    In my opinion the gray color on the label looks industrial, not something for a food product. The can that exemplifies the classic Ginger Ale appearance and was not mentioned in your article is the original ginger ale, Vernor's. Not only is the can perfect but the soda flavor comes in first too,

  10. michelle says:

    I love it.

  11. Until the makers of ALL soda products use Splenda or Stevia as a sweetner, I will not buy reduced calorie drinks. Aspartame is a horrible tasting sweetner and as far as I'm concerned, is very unhealthy.

  12. acey gee says:

    i picked up a case of it because i love CDGA (makes me think of airplanes) and i wanted to cut my HFCS intake. i have to be honest, i usually down a 12 pack in a matter of days and i have been suffering through this aftertaste like an ingrown toenail in workboots. it has the kind of aftertaste that ensures TAB is better know as the button over caps lock than a bevarage. HFCS can be tollerable in almost any other soda just as aspartame and sucrolose can…on their own. but it tastes like i'm drinking ginger flavored crushed suspension of advil with each sip. half flavorless syrup half chemical nightmare. i would rather buy a gross of diet fanta grape over another can of this.

  13. I love regular Canada Dry ginger ale – cannot stand the diet. Loving the "10" – it actually tastes more like regular CDGA than the diet. It has a bit of an aftertaste but I can live with it.

  14. diapointed no ginger taste i think you forgot the ginger

  15. When will Canada Dry 10 be available for purchase in stores in Ontario. Been seeing ads for over a month & can't get it anywhere.

  16. Still using Aspartame??? Too bad……

  17. LA Canales says:

    I live in the Corpus Christi, TX area and would like to know where I can purchase the Canada Dry 10 products in this area. I tried this product while in Dallas, TX and it's great. I'm really looking for the size 10 oz plastic bottle.

  18. Judy Morgan says:

    Bought "10" and loved it! Now Kroger doesn't have it stocked anymore. They are suppose to be getting it for me or at least trying. Shame to tease us with just a taste!

  19. Lois Calzone says:

    Love the new "Tens"! Especially the Ginger Ale!

  20. Mrs. Barbour says:

    I think it tastes ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. I am a well known chef in my area…I am known for putting together great flavors regardless of what type of cultural dish I put together. And I must say, this drink is THE WORST tasting beverage that's EVER crossed my pallad. When it first hits your tongue, it "seems" as if it might taste okay..until it sits on your tongue for more than 2 seconds. It has an AFTERTASTE that lingers in your mouth for over an hour…it tastes like it could be engine fuel…it tastes dirty, bitter, and like something that should be used for External Use ONLY!!!!! I thought, maybe it's because I just ate a particular food…NOPE!!! It is WRONG on all levels…I believw this is why it has been taken off the shelves. That ewas a WASTE of investor money for sure!!!!!!! Just thinking about it has turned my facial expression ugly, as if I were drinking it!!!!! YYYYUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!

  21. My husband Bernie really likes your product but is having a great deal of difficulty in locating it. Our local Kroger in Wheeling WV is always out of it. Did lodge a complaint today. Our other local grocery retailer Riesbeck's never seems to have it either. Is it possible for your driver to put more on the shelf or possibly leave some stock in the back?

  22. Andra Vick says:

    August 2013……purchased GingerAle 10 somewhere (Publix, Winn Dixie or Walmart)……..LOVE it and now can't find it anywhere? What has happened in central Florida with this product? Is it available , or do we have to complain to the stores to get it, OR WHAT??? Please advise what to do???

  23. I love it! Would prefer full calorie ginger ale, but the taste is close enough to satisfy me. The first sample had an artificial after taste but I don't notice it now. I wish it came in 16 ounce bottles. If it does I can't find them.

  24. Never could tolerate diet anything. LOVE the new 10's, although they seem to be giving me a bit of a funky headache, not a bad bad headache like the older diet drinks used, but just enough to not quite feel right. I wish they would just take out the aspartame altogether and maybe use a little less sodium. Hope I can tolerate these 10s because they seem to be a blessing for so many people.

  25. Penlady says:

    I don't get the point. If they are trying to offer a low calorie drink, why not just use aspartame and have zero calories instead of 10 calories? If they are trying to appeal to the audience who do not like aspartame, they've failed. There is still aspartame in it along with 2 other unhealthy sweeteners. If they wanted to win on taste, calories and health, they could have used stevia or Splenda or half a dozen new healthy sweeteners that don't raise your blood sugar. I'm holding a regular Canada Dry Ginger Ale right now that does have ginger, and one commenter said the "TEN" version doesn't have real ginger in it. That's crazy that they would not include ginger when they are both from Canada Dry. Gosh I have been wishing that they would have used Splenda in the whole series.

  26. Ken Stauder says:

    I Just purchased a 12pk of Canada Dry 10, I'm a Ginger Ale lover, I prefer Vernors but enjoy many grocery chain versions also as long as it is not the diet type. I just never got use to the flavor of any artificial sweeteners and unfortunately find them all to have a gross chemical flavor that is much stronger than sugar, they tend to permeate my taste buds for long duration's, mouth wash alone wont always clear the pallet, milk does pretty good to clear the flavor but normally I end up just brushing my teeth to get this nasty flavor out. So you might ask why would a person who hates artificial sweeteners try a "10" version of Canada Dry. Well by looking at the ingredient list it reads like most of our normal sodas and of course it is using high fructose corn syrup as the sweetener, but in america all of our sodas were changed to hfcs from sugar years ago and we all got use to it.

    I don't believe this flavor will ever win the standard ginger ale drinker.
    Why state made from real ginger when its not one of the ingredients?

    I personally think people that do like this ver probably drink diet sodas regularly and might even enjoy the extreme flavors of energy drinks, If this is you, check out the "10" line up.

    If your not above, you most likely will think its gross, like I do.

    [since its so hard to find, anyone want a 11pk?]

  27. I just love Canada Dry 10 but cannot find it in any stores. I have tried many many stores. Please don't tell me it's been discontinued

  28. I'm a soda addict and a diabetic (bad combo) who'd like to avoid aspartame. Lots of luck. I could live with the 10 calories but not if I'm still getting the aspartame. Wonder how much less aspartame it contains than the diet? ShopRite in CT is running a (introductory?) special on the '10' but after reading the above reviews I don't know if I want to invest in a 12 pack. Nuts.


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