Review: Faygo Rock & Rye

Guest reviewer and vintage soda enthusiast George Tsakiridis returns with another review.

Continuing our cavalcade of glass-bottled flavors from Old 52 General Store, today we grab a 12 oz bottle of Faygo Original Rock & Rye.

Faygo Rock & Rye

Faygo was founded in 1907 by two bakers from Russia. In fact their original recipes for certain sodas were based on cake frosting recipes! You can read all about it, as well as more of the company history, on the official Faygo website.

The bottle is a fairly standard clear glass with a gold cap, which is a nice touch. The Faygo logo appears throughout and the print is painted on vs using a paper label – a huge plus in my book when it comes to bottle aesthetics. This “retro” line of flavors debuted in 2007, and the treatment of the label is a nice throwback to their history.

The ingredient list reads as follows: Carbonated water, cane sugar, citric acid, caramel color, potassium benzoate (as preservative), red 40, artificial flavor, gum acacia. Each bottle contains 190 calories and 49 grams of sugar. The bottle also notes that Rock & Rye contains no caffeine; this is probably a positive for some and a negative for others, but nice if you are drinking it later in the evening. In all, the ingredient list is a mixed bag, but the cane sugar is always a big plus in the pop world.

So, now we move to the good part. The liquid appears to be a deep red, but held up to the light it looks a bit lighter, almost the color of a Robitussin cough syrup. It is a robust 12 ounce bottle and looks like more than that even. Upon twisting the cap, but before it is off, I can smell a deep cream aroma. This is quite encouraging. Upon removing the cap, the smell is almost that of a cream dessert. This is even more encouraging. On first taste, this trend continues. There is a slight fizz that quickly clears and there is the taste of a cream pie of some sort. I am almost reminded of red velvet cake, but I think the color is influencing me to a large extent. To some extent the drink is not satisfying, because I like the taste so much I expect to be fuller with each gulp. Basically my taste buds are expecting a cream pie.

Overall, Faygo Original Rock & Rye tastes great, and stands alone as a nice sweet treat to finish off your meal. Thinking about food combinations might get a bit tricky, but I’ll leave it to your imagination. Perhaps this is something to comment about below. I’d love to hear your suggestions. This beverage is a sweet treat, which may or may not meet your liquid cravings on any given day.


Old 52 General StoreFull Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of Old 52 General Store


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