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Update 9/7/12: Thanks to BevReview reader Fred Hart, we have our first look at the packaging for Dasani Drops.  Per the official website, they are hitting the market October 1 with at least 4 flavors:

  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Mixed Berry
  • Pineapple Coconut
Dasani Drops

Dasani Drops

The bottles appear larger than Kraft's MiO product, with Dasani Drops holding 1.9 oz vs. MiO's 1.08 oz.  They also claim 32 servings per bottle, which frankly, have to be pretty tiny shots of liquid to pull off that number.

Original Story 4/2/12: Per a story in The Wall Street Journal, and later mentioned on BevNet, the makers of MiO may have some competition on their hands.

Dasani Drops

Dasani Drops

We've previously reviewed Kraft Foods' MiO water enhancers (Berry Pomegranate & Peach Tea), as well as explored the brand's jump into energy drinks with MiO Energy.

Coke to take on MiO?

Coke to take on MiO?

The article notes:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. earlier this year unveiled liquid water-enhancer under its Great Value store brand, selling it for $2.78, below MiO's suggested retail price of $3.99. Coca-Cola Co., which owns bottled water brand Dasani, also appears interested in the category, having filed to trademark Dasani Drops late last year.

Great Value Energy Cherry Limeade & Lightning Punch

Great Value Energy Cherry Limeade & Lightning Punch

Take a look at Coke's filing for "Dasani Drops" (#85452087, filed October 20, 2011).

What's funny about Walmart's generic version of MiO Energy is the naming conventions used. The green MiO Energy flavor was originally going to be called "Thunder Punch", but was renamed "Green Thunder" prior to launch. Great Value Energy's "Lightning Punch" seems to mimic the original name quite well.

So just how long do you think we'll have to wait to see "Dasani Drops" appear in the marketplace? Who else do you think is going to get into the water enhancer game?

Update 4/3/12: BevReview reader Christina Babich notes that grocery stores owned by Supervalu also have a generic MiO product, sold under the 'Essential Everyday' brand:

Essential Everyday Energy Cherry Limeade

Essential Everyday Energy Cherry Limeade

Update 6/26/12: BevReview reader Greg Brown found Winn-Dixie's Splash Energy water enhancer, which looks to be the same shape/size as the other generic-branded MiO-like products we've noted:

Winn-Dixie Splash Energy Cherry Limeade

Winn-Dixie Splash Energy Cherry Limeade

Great Value Energy images via
Dasani Drops illustration via press images compiled by BevReview
Essential Everyday image via Christina Babich
Splash image via Greg Brown


  1. B-Rizzle says:

    Sounds interesting. My guess is that it will be in the marketplace in at least 8 months-1 year.

  2. Danielle Jones says:

    It's great to see a better variety and some competition (as well as more reasonable pricing through the store-brands hitting the marketplace), but I'm still not seeing the variety I can get with CrazyDrops ( Not to mention they last longer, they're cheaper, and they fit in my pocket.

  3. Amber Vincent says:

    I first noticed Walmart- As a Generic Copy of Mio. Hy-Vee also offers a store brand. I like that the walmart brand is almost a dollar cheaper a bottle, but I also like that the different generics offer different flavors

  4. I just bought a stored branded version called 'splash' from Winn-Dixie.
    Same flavors and bottle shape as the Walmart brand.

  5. I have used Mio, Great Values, and Splash. Splash for some unknown reason was a much better tasting, and did in fact require less enhancer to achieve the flavor I desired. Don't care what shape the bottle is I am looking for value and flavor.

  6. Here's a look at Dasani Drop's design…

  7. One should check the ingredients, I used to drink Mio but it has Propylene Glycol…not good for the human body! I do not drinkit anymore not sure of the other makers but read whats in it first!

  8. I have noticed that after some time in using the Great Value Water Enhansers i have been getting the shakes and cold sweats. Is anyone else experiencing these symptoms?

  9. The standard "24 Serving" bottles of MiO Liquid Concentrates are 1.62oz. There is a smaller version sold at some places like Wally World and Target. Those might be the 1.08oz referenced in the article.

    For all of the people worrying about propylene glycol. Most of our liquids include propylene glycol.


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