Coming Soon: “The Avengers” Dr Pepper Cans

It was refreshing to read the announcement that Dr Pepper was doing a series of cans to tie into the latest Marvel superhero film, The Avengers.   Why is that?  Well, it just seems like the U.S. beverage industry has gotten away from really cool can concepts, especially since a lot of carbonated soft drinks are sold in 20 oz plastic bottles these days.  Our friends at the Can Museum have showcased some pretty incredible international cans, but it seems like doing something cool here in the States is a lost art.

"The Avengers" Dr Pepper Cans

"The Avengers" Dr Pepper Cans

What I like about this announced series of cans is how they all link together.  This isn’t just a “collect all 5″ cans situation.  Rather, these cans actually combine to form a full scene… and a stacked scene at that!  Impressive.

It looks like 4 cans are Dr Pepper, 2 are Diet Dr Pepper, 1 is Dr Pepper Cherry, and 1 is Diet Dr Pepper Cherry.  None are Dr Pepper Ten.

Here’s the press release from Dr Pepper Snapple Group with more information:

Dr Pepper Unveils Limited-Edition “Marvel’s the Avengers” Cans, Online Game and New Commercial

Fans Get a Chance to Become Part of the Latest Marvel Super Hero Saga

PLANO, Texas — April 10, 2012 — Dr Pepper and Marvel are assembling the greatest collection of collectible cans featuring the latest Super Hero adventure, “Marvel’s The Avengers.” The cans feature members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – each in a specific pose. When the eight cans are assembled side-by-side, fans can see the full power of the “Marvel’s The Avengers” team linked together to fight the battles that we never could.

“Dr Pepper and ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ fans both crave epic adventure,” said Dave Fleming, director of marketing for Dr Pepper. “Dr Pepper is teaming up with Marvel to provide a one-of-a-kind ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ experience – something fans can’t get anywhere else.”

Through limited-edition Dr Pepper “Marvel’s The Avengers” collectible can series, a custom online game and a new commercial, Dr Pepper is giving fans across the country the opportunity to experience the long awaited and super-powered “Marvel’s The Avengers” saga.

Video: Dr Pepper Commercial

The new Dr Pepper commercial dramatizes the potential for anyone to be a hero. The light-hearted spot features a group of one-of-a-kind people assembling to impress comic book legend Stan Lee.

…Limited-edition Dr Pepper “Marvel’s The Avengers” collectible cans are now available at retailers nationwide….”Marvel’s The Avengers” opens nationwide on May 4.