Review: 2010 Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Energy Drink Can

Mike Burns, Co-Founder of, remembers Sega… as well as the star of this video game-oriented beverage can

I remember going to a friend’s house in 1991 and playing this crazy new game on Sega Genesis called Sonic the Hedgehog. The main character, Sonic, was a blue hedgehog with white gloves and red sneakers and he would zip across the screen so fast that my brain couldn’t even process what was going on… meaning, the background on the game was a complete blur and Sonic was completely out of control. Since then, Sonic has spawned many game sequels, an animated series, comic books, and yes, a can.

Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Energy Drink

Sonic the Hedgehog

The aptly named Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Energy Drink is another from the Boston America Corp, just like our recent look at the Ghostbusters Ectoplasm Energy Drink.  Not only is Sonic known for his speed, but the whole point of an energy drink is to give you wings, er, I mean speed, right?

Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Energy Drink

Was "Speed" really the best name for this?

While it is great seeing Sonic on a can, I found the design to be very plain. There are so many colorful worlds in the Sonic games that they could have chosen any of them to make this can more exciting. However, all we get is light blue. OK, there is some pixilated grass near the bottom of the can.

Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Energy Drink

Pixel Grass!

Don’t let me forget to mention that the grass is on a layer of checkerboard dirt. Sonic himself looks good except for the fact that they left off his legs and feet. Wait a minute, they are represented by the black scribbles under him. I suppose Sonic is so speedy that his legs and feet are a blur and didn’t need to be drawn.

Overall, the Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Energy Drink Can is an awesome concept, but is lacking in design.

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