Review: Jones GABA Lemon Honey Tea

Spring cleaning. It’s a time to purge… as well as a time to discover stuff that was just tucked away and forgotten. Recently, while moving some items around, I came upon this can of Jones GABA Lemon Honey Tea that was sent to us back in 2009. Instead of throwing it away, I figured, why not, let’s give it a try!

Jones GABA Lemon Honey Tea

Jones GABA Lemon Honey Tea

The Jones GABA line contested of 4 flavors, 3 of which we’ve previously reviewed: Jones GABA Fuji Apple Tea Juice, Jones GABA Nectarine Tea Juice, and Jones GABA Grapefruit Tea Juice. For some reason, Jones GABA Lemon Honey Tea was lost in the shuffle.

These products were released in 2009 as part of a push by Jones into the functional beverage market thanks to the PharmaGABA rights they secured in 2007. However, Jones hit some financial challenges, and in 2010 they not only discontinued the GABA line, but also Jones Organics, Jones Naturals, and Jones 24. I say that so you won’t rush out to your store looking for this product!

At the time, Jones explained that “PharmaGABA is a naturally produced form of the amino acid, gamma amino butyric acid (GABA), which studies have shown to be a key neurotransmitter in the human brain that improves mental focus, balance and clarity, while reducing stress.” It was probably also a way to lose money on a drink.

If you are curious about the background and story of these drinks, I’ll point you to my first review from 2009 that talks all about the GABA experiment.

In the case of my 3-year-old can of Jones GABA Lemon Honey Tea, I was curious how well it held up over time. Of the 3 Jones GABA flavors, this was the only one that was just tea, not a tea/juice combination. It was fittingly labeled with an orange package design to reflect the honey element, as well as the color of tea (somewhat). This 12 oz drink came packaged in a tall, slim aluminum can.

Popping the can open, I was greeted by a very strong black tea scent. This beverage is dark brown in color, much darker than what you normally consider a tea color. Like the rest of the Jones GABA line, Lemon Honey Tea is not carbonated and has a bit of a watered-down taste. At its base was a nice black tea flavor that had its harshness cut by the lemon flavor. It was quite sweet as well, which I figure is attributable to the honey thrown in. To be honest, it was quite a good flavor and one I might expect to taste from the likes of Honest Tea. As for the attributes of additional “Focus & Clarity”… we’ll, let’s just focus on the taste, shall we?

Jones GABA Lemon Honey Tea
Filtered Water, Inverted Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, Honey, FTC Natural Black Tea From Brewed Tea Leaves, Citric Acid, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (PharmaGABA™), Tea Polyphenols

A 12 oz. can of GABA Lemon Honey Tea contains 90 calories, 20 mg of sodium, and 22 mg carbs (21 g sugars). Caffeine free.

Full Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of Jones Soda