Coming Soon: Sprite Select & Fanta Select with Stevia

Update 8/28/12: Read our full review of Sprite Select

Original Story 5/16/12: Per Beverage Digest and the Associated Press, Coke has announced plans to release two new beverages — Sprite Select & Fanta Select — via test markets found in Atlanta, Detroit, Louisville, and Memphis. What’s the big deal? Because these drinks will be sweetened with stevia, putting them in the mid-calorie range much like Pepsi Next.

Sprite Select & Fanta Select

Fanta Select & Sprite Select

The drinks will use Truvia-branded stevia sweetener, much like Sprite Green or Sprite’s stevia launch in France. Sugar will also be used, along with erythritol and “other sweeteners.” Per the article, a 12 oz can of Sprite Select will contain 70 calories vs. 140 for the full version. Fanta Select will also have 70 calories per 12 oz can instead of the 160 calories typical of the brand.

It looks like Coke plans on positioning these as sweetened with “all-natural sweeteners” vs. the HFCS/artificial sweetener combo used by Pepsi Next (which, if you remember, is something we suggested Pepsi should have done with Next to help set it apart from the rest of their product line).

No national rollout is planned for these “Select” products yet, as the tests still need to take place. But personally, I can’t believe we’re entering another mid-calorie battle once again, remembering the likes of Coke C2 and Pepsi Edge.

The more things change, the more they stay the same!

“Select” illustration via press images compiled by BevReview.
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