Review: Izze Sparkling Lemon

Izze was founded in 2002, named after the creator’s daughter, Isabel. Now celebrating 10 years, the company known for its natural carbonated fruit drinks has brought back a discontinued flavor just for the summer. Izze Sparkling Lemon was previously available from 2003-2007, and now can be found just at Whole Foods for a limited time.

Izze Sparkling Lemon

Izze Sparkling Lemon

While Izze has been around for 10 years, it’s actually been a part of PepsiCo for 6, but still seems to keep its unique style and vibe. Like the rest of it’s sparkling juice lineup, Sparkling Lemon comes in a 12 oz glass bottle with transparent stickers attached for the labeling. It proclaims use of 70% juice, while being caffeine free. This particular flavor is light yellow in appearance, much like lemonade.

Remove the bottle cap and you’re greeted with a sweet lemon scent. However, the flavor is completely opposite. Izze Sparkling Lemon starts out sweet, but then finishes with a tartness that will make your mouth pucker. It’s a good sour, however, in that it feels authentic. This isn’t like a lemonade, because rather than being syrupy, it’s quite the muted lemon flavor. It has more in common with a sweetened lemon juice than a standard lemonade.

In short, this is good, may I have another?

If you missed Izze Sparkling Lemon during its original run, now’s your chance to try it. Given the renewed interest in lemonade flavors these days, it’s a smart return in the marketplace. However, it may take some work to track it down, given the availably solely at Whole Foods. However, the hunt is completely worth it!

Izze Sparkling Lemon
Juice made from white grape, apple, and lemon concentrates, sparkling water, gum arabic, citric acid, natural flavor

A 12 oz bottle contains 130 calories, 15 mg sodium, and 32 g carbs (30 g sugars).

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Full Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of Izze Beverage Company