Review: 1976 7Up “United We Stand” Cans (Part 3 of 6 – Northwest)

Mike Burns, Co-Founder of, is traveling across the United States with our 6-week can review series. Come along for the ride!

This is our third installment looking at the 1976 7Up “United We Stand” can series. It is a 50 can set which features one can per state.

1976 7Up "United We Stand" Cans

1976 7Up “United We Stand” Cans

We are using a map borrowed from McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing’s “U.S. States Fact Cards” for our weekly navigation through the states. Part 1 focused on the Southwest states denoted in purple. Part 2 showed us the North Central states shown on the map in blue. This week we will head west to focus on the Northwest United States which appear on the map in green.

Our Map of Cans

Our Map of Cans

The Northwest states include: Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

As in previous weeks, before I begin looking at each individual can, I am going to show you another variation of the set. We determined last week that in 1976, there was no pure standard in the can manufacturing process for a single brand within the United States. In this 7Up set alone, we identified four can manufacturers who all had their own way of sealing and painting seams on the cans. The same is true when we look at the top (or lid) of the cans.

Using research from and from my own collection, I have discovered 7 different tops to the cans in the 1976 7Up “United We Stand” can set. I have split them up into two groups: Steel can tops and Aluminum can tops. Let me clarify that this division by material type refers just to the body of the can, as all tops in this set are made of aluminum. Aluminum, being a more flexible material than steel, allowed for the tabs to open the cans easily.

Steel Top Variations

Steel Can Top Variations (Click to Enlarge)

The Steel can tops (7 cm diameter except the last one which is 6.5 cm) are:

  • PLEASE DON’T LITTER, DISPOSE OF PROPERLY, rounded tab, no center scoring, made by American Can Company
  • DISPOSE OF PROPERLY, PLEASE DON’T LITTER (reversed), ALUMINUM (opposite tab hole) oval-shaped tab, no center scoring, two divots to help grasp the tab handle made by Continental Can Company
  • PLEASE DON’T LITTER, DISPOSE OF PROPERLY (reversed), rounded tab, center scoring made by Crown, Cork & Seal
  • PLEASE DON’T LITTER, DISPOSE OF PROPERLY (reversed), rounded tab, center scoring made by Crown, Cork & Seal
Aluminum Top Variations

Aluminum Can Top Variations (Click to Enlarge)

The Aluminum can tops (6.5 cm diameter, made by the same unidentified company) are:

  • DON’T LITTER, PLEASE RECYCLE, flat bell-shaped tab, no center scoring, recycling symbol (clockwise arrow around a pyramid)
  • (no text), flat bell-shaped tab, no center scoring
  • (no text), oval-shaped tab, no center scoring

Here are this week’s Northwest states:

Alaska (#2 of 50)
1959 – 49th State
Capital: Juneau
Land of the Midnight Sun

Alaska - Can #2 of 50

Alaska – Can #2 of 50

California (#5 of 50)
1850 – 31st State
Capital: Sacramento
The Golden State

California - Can #5 of 50

California – Can #5 of 50

Colorado (#6 of 50)
1876 – 38th State
Capital: Denver
Centennial State

Colorado - Can #6 of 50

Colorado – Can #6 of 50

Hawaii (#11 of 50)
1959 – 50th State
Capital: Honolulu
The Aloha State

Hawaii - Can #11 of 50

Hawaii – Can #11 of 50

Idaho (#12 of 50)
1890 – 43rd State
Capital: Boise
The Gem State

Idaho - Can #12 of 50

Idaho – Can #12 of 50

Montana (#26 of 50)
1889 – 41st State
Capital: Helena
The Treasure State

Montana - Can #26 of 50

Montana – Can #26 of 50

Nevada (#28 of 50)
1864 – 36st State
Capital: Carson City
The Sagebrush State

Nevada - Can #28 of 50

Nevada – Can #28 of 50

Oregon (#37 of 50)
1859 – 33rd State
Capital: Salem
The Beaver State

Oregon - Can #37 of 50

Oregon – Can #37 of 50

Utah (#44 of 50)
1896 – 45th State
Capital: Salt Lake City
The Beehive State

Utah - Can #44 of 50

Utah – Can #44 of 50

Washington (#47 of 50)
1889 – 42nd State
Capital: Olympia
The Evergreen State

Washington - Can #47 of 50

Washington – Can #47 of 50

Wyoming (#50 of 50)
1890 – 44th State
Capital: Cheyenne
The Equality State

Wyoming - Can #50 of 50

Wyoming – Can #50 of 50

By now, you may have noticed that 7Up ordered the cans in this set alphabetically. This is why Wyoming is can number 50 and Alabama will be number 1. Next week we will look our 4th color group from our United States map and look at another interesting variation of this set.

For those who are counting… 27 states down, 23 to go!

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