Review: 1976 7Up “United We Stand” Cans (Part 5 of 6 – Northeast)

Mike Burns, Co-Founder of, brings us the queen installment of his 6-week can review series, spending time in our last geographic region, the Northeast.

This is our fifth week analyzing the 1976 7Up “United We Stand” can series. It is a 50 can set released by 7Up to celebrate the bicentennial of the United States of America. Each can features one state with a state picture and state facts.

1976 7Up "United We Stand" Cans

1976 7Up “United We Stand” Cans

We are using a map borrowed from McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing’s “U.S. States Fact Cards” for our weekly navigation through the states.

Our Map of Cans

Our Map of Cans

We started with the Southwest (Purple – Part 1), then covered North Central (Blue – Part 2) and the Northwest (Green, Part 3). Last week we explored the Southeast (Yellow, Part 4). This week we travel to our final grouping of states, the Northeast United States, shown in orange.

The Northeast states include: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

As we have seen in previous weeks, there are numerous variations in this set due to multiple can manufacturers producing the cans. For example, in Part 3 we discovered a barcode having different sizes and orientations. Another painted variation showed the printing of an additional ingredient: “Corn Sweetener“. This week, we will look at yet another painted variation caused by an aspect we discussed in Part 2… the seal.

Wide Visible seals left less surface area for the painted design on the cans, so even though the information remained the same, the location information and the size of certain design elements varied.

Indiana Example

Indiana Variation - Wide Visible seal on the left

Indiana Variation – Wide Visible seal on the left

You can see that the entire “United We Stand” box and the “7UP” dotted logo are both smaller on the Wide Visible sealed can. Also, notice that the font for “Indiana 1816″ and the red state are also smaller on the Wide Visible sealed can. Finally, you can clearly see that the descriptive text was moved from the left of the state to the lower left and below the state. The Wide Visible sealed can only has 3 lines of text while the other can has 4 lines of text. Again, because the seal was so wide, it left less room for the can design.

Iowa Example

Iowa Variation - Wide Visible seal on the left

Iowa Variation – Wide Visible seal on the left

Here we have the same differences as the Indiana can, with required changes inside the “United We Stand” box. On the Iowa can, both have 3 lines of text, however, the Wide Visible sealed can has everything left justified on its own “line” while the other can has the state shape to the right of the all text which appears on the left.

Enough of the variations. Let’s take a look at this week’s Northwest states:

Connecticut (#7 of 50)
1788 – 5th State
Capital: Hartford
The Nutmeg State

Connecticut - Can #7 of 50

Connecticut – Can #7 of 50

Delaware (#8 of 50)
1787 – 1st State
Capital: Dover
The Diamond State

Delaware - Can #8 of 50

Delaware – Can #8 of 50

Maine (#19 of 50)
1820 – 23rd State
Capital: Augusta
The Pine Tree State

Maine - Can #19 of 50

Maine – Can #19 of 50

Maryland (#20 of 50)
1788 – 7th State
Capital: Annapolis
The Free State

Maryland - Can #20 of 50

Maryland – Can #20 of 50

Massachusetts (#21 of 50)
1788 – 6th State
Capital: Boston
The Bay State

Massachusetts - Can #21 of 50

Massachusetts – Can #21 of 50

New Hampshire (#29 of 50)
1788 – 9th State
Capital: Concord
The Granite State

New Hampshire - Can #29 of 50

New Hampshire – Can #29 of 50

New Jersey (#30 of 50)
1787 – 3rd State
Capital: Trenton
The Garden State

New Jersey - Can #30 of 50

New Jersey – Can #30 of 50

New York (#32 of 50)
1788 – 11th State
Capital: Albany
The Empire State

New York - Can #32 of 50

New York – Can #32 of 50

Pennsylvania (#38 of 50)
1787 – 2nd State
Capital: Harrisburg
The Keystone State

Pennsylvania - Can #38 of 50

Pennsylvania – Can #38 of 50

Rhode Island (#39 of 50)
1790 – 13th State
Capital: Providence
Little Rhody

Rhode Island - Can #39 of 50

Rhode Island – Can #39 of 50

Vermont (#45 of 50)
1791 – 14th State
Capital: Montpelier
The Green Mountain State

Vermont - Can #45 of 50

Vermont – Can #45 of 50

Now we have finally looked at all 50 US State cans. Next week we’ll see how this set is similar to this year’s Dr Pepper Avengers set!

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