Review: 1976 7Up “United We Stand” Cans (Part 6 of 6 – Uncle Sam)

Mike Burns, Co-Founder of, wraps up his 6-week can review series with a surprising conclusion!

1976 marked the Bicentennial of the United States of America. 7Up celebrated America’s 200th birthday by releasing a 50-can set called “United We Stand”. Over the last 5 weeks we have looked at all 50 cans. Each can represented one of the states with state facts and each can was numbered 1 through 50.

Illinois - Can #13 of 50

Illinois – Can #13 of 50

We looked at some similarities between the cans and then went in depth focusing on specific variations in this set like the seals, tops, the barcode side, and the state side. In our first week, we briefly mentioned the third side of the can. We saw that it had a white background with lots of tiny “7UP” characters printed in blue and red in what seems like a random pattern.

What are these characters?

What are these characters?

Only 3 cans are different when looking at this 3rd side. The first can is Wyoming which has the “United We Stand Logo”.

"United We Stand" on Wyoming can

“United We Stand” on Wyoming can

On the second can we see that Georgia has the tiny 7Ups like the rest of the set, but here they form the 7UP logo instead of being “random”.

7Up Logo on Georgia can

7Up Logo on Georgia can

The third can, Alabama, shows us something very interesting – a key of sorts, or directions that show all 50 cans stacked in a pyramid in a particular order.

"Stack Up Your Own Uncle Sam" on Alabama can

“Stack Up Your Own Uncle Sam” on Alabama can

The Alabama can reads:

Stack Up Your Own Uncle Sam. There are fifty 7UP commemorative cans. Each has a red number above the ingredients statement. Stack the cans in numerical order according to the above diagram so the side with the white background faces you. The complete stack forms Uncle Sam.

Sound familiar? Dr Pepper’s recent set for The Avengers asked you to “Assemble The Team,” meaning to collect all 8 cans to stack up into two rows and form a picture with graphics overlapping on each can.

"The Avengers" Dr Pepper Cans

“The Avengers” Dr Pepper Cans

As you build Uncle Sam, you soon realize that all of the states are in alphabetical order from can 1 to 50. After you place can #50 on top of the pyramid to complete Uncle Sam, you also notice that each of the 3 corners holds the unique 3 cans we mentioned earlier.

Tower of 50 Cans - State Side

Tower of 50 Cans – State Side

Uncle Sam appears on the tower of 50 cans!

Uncle Sam appears on the tower of 50 cans!

As you can see, this is what truly makes this set awesome. Not only does it teach you your states, capitals, nicknames, year and order the states joined the union, but it celebrates the patriotism of the United States by forming a picture of one of the most famous United States’ national symbols, “Uncle Sam”.

Uncle Sam Recruitment Poster

Uncle Sam Recruitment Poster

Happy 4th of July!

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