Review: Dad’s Cream Soda

Over Father’s Day, we did the sentimental thing and reviewed the “old fashioned” taste of Dad’s Root Beer. But there’s more to the product line than just root beer, as it evidenced by Dad’s Cream Soda!

Dad's Cream Soda

Dad’s Cream Soda

In fact, Dad’s actually makes 4 different cream soda flavors… regular, orange, blue, and red. I guess when you are on a roll, you just don’t stop!

We reviewed a 1 liter bottle of Dad’s Cream Soda, which used the same dark brown plastic as Dad’s Root Beer, shaped like an oversized version of a traditional bottle, with funnel-shaped neck. The label was cream/tan in color, with a yellow/blue/red “Dad’s Old Fashioned Cream Soda” logo. A callout also denotes that this drink is “Caffeine Free.”

The drink itself is a golden yellow color, reminding me a lot of the look of Inca Kola. Strong syrupy smell, with bubblegum/cream overtones, pretty much expected for this value-priced entry.

Initial taste is very sweet, with a subdued vanilla flavor. It tastes like a fake and processed “cream” flavor, rather than a melted vanilla ice cream shake or something derived from the vanilla bean. There’s an acidic feel as it crosses your tongue before anchoring in a smoother aftertaste, hanging with a syrupy residue. Overall, this isn’t the best cream soda, but it gets by. However, if you are a fan of the genre, you may want to pass.

Dad’s Cream Soda
Water, high fructose corn syrup, natural and artificial flavor, sodium benzoate (as a preservative), citric acid, caramel color

An 8 oz serving contains 130 calories, 25 mg sodium, and 34 g carbs (32 g sugars). Caffeine free

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