Review: Hubert’s Lemonade

Passionate lemonade enthusiast Ben Morrell continues his review series on this popular genre of drinks

The one thing that made me reach up onto the shelf and grab THIS lemonade, over the many others, even the other drinks on the shelf, was its packaging. The round, narrow bottle with the silver cap and a winking lemon on the cover suggested lemonade secrets from a time long ago. This, the bottle of Hubert’s Lemonade promised me, was something that my grandparents had enjoyed after a hard week of work and was the soft beverage of choice at church picnics those many years ago. The question was, would the bottle live up to the promises?

Hubert's Lemonade

Hubert’s Lemonade

First of all, let me state that despite what the bottle might convey to you, this is not your grandparent’s lemonade. The 6th (and final) ingredient is Rebiana, which is a Stevia extract. Though don’t mistake this for a “diet” drink. It has cane sugar in it as well. It just allows, with the mixture, to tone down some of the highlights of both sugar AND Stevia. It’s not a “zero calorie” drink, but at only 70 calories a serving (two contained in the bottle), it’s a lot lower than other lemonades that don’t contain Stevia.

Shake Well!

Shake Well!

The first thing that catches your eye on the front front of the bottle is a winking lemon with the company slogan under it, “Only the best will do”. It claims to be “All Natural Since 1935″. The name Hubert’s — a brand from Hansen’s Beverages that debuted in 2010 — is in a big letter style like it was supposed to have been done with a large paint brush. The “Lemonade” text is squeezed up under the company logo and the large winking lemon. Turning the bottle you’ll come across a bit about the company with the UPC label cleverly shaped into a lemon truck.

So yes, the bottle is fun, and the marketing is done up in such a way as to highlight the product and not hide it behind some colored plastic or tinted glass, great… so how does it taste?

After opening the bottle I applied the BevReview smell test and was very surprised. A tart and “honest” lemon flavor floated up out of the bottle. Not very strong, but tempting and urging to go further.

A little Hansen's history

A little Hansen’s history

I kicked back a quick sip and I was surprised at the subtleness of Hubert’s Lemonade. It’s not watery, and at 10% lemon juice it’s got more real lemon in it than some other lemonades I have reviewed. Where Hubert’s shines is being more subtle on the sweetener. The first thing you are hit with is lemon, and then the whole thing fades away. You aren’t left with a bunch of sugar in your mouth, or artificial sweetener. You drink, you taste lemon, and it’s gone. I really enjoyed it.

One drawback to Hubert’s Lemonade I found was that the lemon flavor didn’t taste as “bright” as it does in something like Simply Lemonade. The taste reminded me more of the lemons I have had from people’s backyards that were picked a little later in the season. This could be because of a completely different lemon as well. The bottle says these are California lemons and I think other lemonades I have liked hail from the Southern US and South America. This might be why the flavor seems a little different from my favorite brand. Honestly though it’s a matter of taste, and just because I like this slightly less than another brand doesn’t mean you won’t like it more.

Keep an eye out for Hubert’s Lemonade, especially if you are looking for a “lighter” (both calories and flavor) lemonade with a full lemonade taste. It’s one of the good ones!

Hubert’s Lemonade
Pure filtered water, cane sugar, natural lemon juice concentrate, citric acid, natural flavor, rebiana (stevia extract)

A 16 oz bottle contains 140 calories, 0 mg sodium, and 36 g carbs (30 g sugars). Caffeine free.