Update: Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash 2012

Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash 2012

For the 7th season in a row, Pepsi has brought back Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash as a limited time seasonal offering. For 2012, the design and taste are exactly the same as 2011′s version.

Review: Dad’s Red Cream Soda

Dad's Red Cream Soda

Tastes like a creamier version of Big Red. Very artificial and syrupy, with an overtly sweet flavor.

Review: Boylan Bottleworks Lemon

Boylan Bottleworks Lemon

Crisp, refreshingly-bitter lemon lime soft drink with a tart finish. Great taste, but unfortunately, it’s discontinued.

Review: Dad’s Orange Cream Soda

Dad's Orange Cream Soda

Amazingly smooth, this drink tastes like a melted, carbonated Creamsicle. Slight syrupy flavor, with a unique mandarin scent.

Review: MacFuddy Pepper Elixir

MacFuddy Pepper Elixir

This is Dr Pepper 2.0. Wonderful mix of fruity flavors, including dark cherry and vanilla, plus an admired burning finish produced by actual pepper. Excellent and recommended!

Review: Bawls Guarana High Caffeine Soda

Bawls Guarana High Caffeine Soda

An innovative blue glass bottle holds an exceptionally tasty citrus energy drink. Lower in caffeine than market leaders, but very attractive to those looking for the effects of a stimulant beverage.

Review: Boylan’s Creamy Red Birch Beer

Boylan's Creamy Red Birch Beer

Birch beer with training wheels? Vanilla-inspired flavor experience? A Red 40 party in your mouth? You decide!

Review: Aloic Organic Aloe Vera Drink

Aloic Organic Aloe Vera Drink

Despite the packaging that infers a green, pasty beverage, Aloic Organic Aloe Vera Drink is a clear, tasty beverage sweetened with organic cane sugar.

This Just In: Mountain Dew 16 oz “99 Cents” Cans

Mountain Dew 16 oz "99 Cents" Cans

16 oz cans of Mountain Dew with label pricing them at 99 cents. Spotted Mtn Dew, Code Red, LiveWire, and Voltage.

Review: Dang! Butterscotch Root Beer

Dang! Butterscotch Root Beer

An amazingly tasty root beer from a family-owned bottler. You can’t miss the unique butterscotch accent. Why didn’t anyone else think of this? Highly recommended!