Coming Soon: Mountain Dew A.M.

Per the Associated Press, Taco Bell will be adding a second Mountain Dew item to their menu — in addition to Mountain Dew Baja Blast (which debuted in 2004). As a part of their breakfast initiative known as “FirstMeal,” Mountain Dew A.M. is rolling out in select markets.

Mountain Dew A.M.

Mountain Dew A.M.

It’s a mix-based drink prepared at Taco Bell locations, featuring Tropicana orange juice and a Dew mix (both products of PepsiCo). Per Taco Bell’s press release, the drink will be “available at more than 815 participating restaurants in 10 Western states, including California, Arizona and Colorado.” Pricing will be $1.69 (regular) and $1.99 (large).

This isn’t the only “morning” beverage that the folks at PepsiCo are working on… Mountain Dew Kickstart is rumored to appear in 2013.