This Just In: Mountain Dew 16 oz "99 Cents" Cans

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Mountain Dew 16 oz "99 Cents" Cans

Mountain Dew 16 oz "99 Cents" Cans

16 oz cans of Mountain Dew with label pricing them at 99 cents.  Spotted Mtn Dew, Code Red, LiveWire, and Voltage.


  1. Coolness!

  2. But, will they be allowed in New York City??

  3. They don't have them in NYC/ Tri-State area..yet. The soda "laws" in NYC may bring these in. I've also seen those "Born in the Carolinia" bottles starting to pop up.

  4. These look awesome together. The AirZona of soda, with regard to pricing that is.

  5. The cans look nice.

  6. We would never see this in Canada. They would be $1.99 cans here..

  7. Ive only seen the code red and reg mt dew didn't know they had them in voltage and livewire I'll have to hunt them down

  8. We have them in NYC, they also have 99 cent 16 oz. Pepsi cans.
    I bought mine in Queens, I haven't seen them in any other store but the one store I buy them from.

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