Review: Aloic Organic Aloe Vera Drink

When this drink first arrived at BevReview HQ, frankly, I was a bit scared. Aloe vera is something you put on your body, not something you drink, right? But being sweetened with organic cane sugar and imported all the way from South Korea, I courageously took a sip of Aloic Organic Aloe Vera Drink.

Wow, I was surprised!

Aloic Organic Aloe Vera Drink

Aloic Organic Aloe Vera Drink

The bottle doesn’t do a good job of selling this drink. Visually it seems dated and rather gross, especially with the green tinted plastic. The PR materials that arrived with the drink point out these “selling points”: all natural, contains 95% aloe vera, USDA certified organic, sweetened with organic cane sugar, no genetically modified organisms, and no artificial colors or flavors. So I guess this drink would be perfectly at home in a place like Whole Foods.

It’s packaged in 16.9 oz plastic bottles that are somewhat square in shape, while being narrow and tall, covered with a shrink-wrapped label that is heavy on the green hues.

So why would you want to drink aloe vera? Per the company, it can aid digestion. Being an herbal elixir, it’s supposed to have benefits that range from aid in battling illnesses to increased lifespan. It’s also full of nutrients and antioxidants.

Unscrewing the bottle cap, I discovered a sweet scent that was somewhat citrusy, almost like the syrupy smell you’d have with an energy shot. This makes sense, as along with the aloe vera, one of the ingredients is “natural grape flavor.” At this point, I discovered something rather interesting… this drink is clear! You would never have guessed that from the green-tinted packaging. I was expecting some disgusting green-colored paste. But no, instead, it’s a pleasant clear beverage with some clear pulp fragments floating around. Major packaging fail here. The way this stuff is bottled, it hides appealing attributes, while reinforcing the perceptions most of us have about aloe vera.

As for the drink itself, it’s quite good, actually. Clean light taste with a nice hint of grape. Slightly salty, but quite refreshing. The overall experience was on the dry side, with a aftertaste that just fades away. The only oddity is the floating aloe vera pulp in the drink; it’s an odd texture, but nothing too freaky. I guess if you are looking for an organic, healthy drink that’s quite different, this may be a product to explore.

Aloic Organic Aloe Vera Drink
Water, organic aloe vera powder, organic aloe vera gel, organic cane sugar, natural grape flavor

An 8 oz serving (each bottle is 16.9 oz) contains 60 calories, 23 mg sodium, and 11 g carbs (11 g sugars).

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Full Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of Epicurex, LLC.