Review: Boylan Bottleworks Lemon

If it’s from Boylan, we can pretty much assume that it tastes pretty good – see our Black Cherry, Ginger Ale, Root Beer, and Birch Beer reviews for proof! The brand has been bringing premium beverages in glass bottles for a while now, all sweetened with cane sugar. Today it’s something clear… Boylan Bottleworks Lemon.

Boylan Bottleworks Lemon

Boylan Bottleworks Lemon

Of course, the odd thing about this flavor is that it’s actually discontinued. Per Boylan’s Facebook Page, it’s been phased out for about a year now “due to lack of demand,” though still shows up in various markets. I found this bottle in Holland, MI, over the summer.

This drink comes in clear 12 oz glass bottle with a green “Lemon” logo on the front stylized in the Boylan Bottleworks format. The logo isn’t a sticker; per Wikipedia (yeah, I know) it’s actually a “painted ceramic label.” This beverage is also clear, with a distinctive lemon scent that is sharp, not what you’d typically expect when you think lemon.

As for the taste, it’s clean, crisp, and not like traditional lemon line drinks like Sprite, Sierra Mist, or 7Up. It starts out very dry, then a strong lemon-infused rush of flavor approaches, which continues through the aftertaste. There’s slight carbonation, but no syrupy flavor, which is excellent. The lemon is tart, but pleasant. It’s on par with the flavor found in Dr. Enuf or Bubble Up.

It’s too bad this drink is phased out, because it’s quite refreshing, alone or as a mixer. But sales numbers don’t lie, I guess. If you do find a bottle stashed away somewhere, you owe it to yourself to experience this joyous lemon beverage!

Boylan Bottleworks Lemon
Carbonated water, cane sugar, citric acid, citrus oils, natural lemon flavors, potassium citrate

A 12 oz bottle contains 150 calories, 0 mg sodium, and 38 g carbs (38 g sugars). Caffeine free.