Review: 2006 Hogan Energy Drink Cans

Mike Burns, Co-Founder of, takes us through the history of a wrestling superstar, who like many others, also had a branded energy drink.

In the interest of keeping up with current events, I thought I would bring your attention to another not-so-successful move by Terry Gene Bollea a.k.a., wrestling and Hogan Knows Best star, Hulk Hogan.

2006 Hogan Energy Drink

2006 Hogan Energy Drink

Hulk Hogan's Hogan Knows Best reality show aired for 3 seasons from July 10, 2005 – October 21, 2007. It focused on the family life of Hulk Hogan. In the height of the show's popularity, we saw Hulk Hogan work on a side project to create his own energy drink. I'll admit that I was a fan of the show and watched it religiously at the time when Hogan was working on his energy drink project. At the time the family was spun to have good morals and Terry seemed like a good role model to his kids and devoted husband to his wife. Well, reality shows seem to have a history of breaking up marriages and families and the Hogans were no exception. It was because of all of the problems surrounding the Hogan family that the series was ultimately canceled.

Being the can collector that I am, I just had to get the Hogan Energy cans. They were only available on the West Coast, so being that I am on the East Coast, I had to pay to have a couple shipped to me full. When I received them, they were dented, so I was very disappointed and tried to get replacements. The place I purchased them from told me that the cans they sell are for drinking, not collecting. They even pointed out this policy/disclaimer on their website that stated that they were not responsible for things such as dented cans, so I was out of luck.

Prototype Hulk Energy Can

Prototype Hulk Energy Can

Hogan Energy was originally named "Hulk Energy", however, I have never seen any photos of an actual Hulk Energy can other than press/prototype artwork. To the best of my knowledge this product was only manufactured as "Hogan Energy" – backed by the rising stars in energy drinks at the time, Socko Energy. Both Socko Energy and Hogan Energy have since been discontinued.

The Regular Hogan Energy can has the trademark Socko Energy sunburst in red and silver. At the center of the burst there is a cartoonish, angry, and somewhat scary Hulk Hogan gritting his teeth. His muscles are overly exaggerated and his arms are crossed. In each hand he is holding a can of Socko Energy. Shouldn't he be holding Hogan Energy? He is wearing a red bandana on his head, white sunglasses and a red , torn, sleeveless shirt. Below the image of Hulk Hogan is the Hogan Energy logo. Just below that logo is the "Powered by Socko Energy" logo. "TEAM HOGAN" circles the top of the can design three times separated by "TAURINE", "VITAMIN B12", and "VITAMIN B6".

2006 Sugar Free Hogan Energy Drink

2006 Sugar Free Hogan Energy Drink

The Sugar Free Hogan Energy can design is almost exactly the same as Regular Hogan Energy. The only differences are that the sunburst and top are yellow and "TEAM HOGAN" is printed twice across the top in between "SUGAR FREE" which is also printed twice.

Any pop culture can designs rank up there as favorites to me. Hulk Hogan – for better or worse – is a pop culture icon and took a stab at the energy drink market like many other celebrities have and continue to do. Unfortunately for him, his energy drink, his show and other things in his life have been "discontinued." Somehow, he still seems to pop up in the headlines.

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  1. On thing I just noticed is the fact that on both Hogan Energy cans they forgot to color Hulk's shirt red in the triangular area below the small can he is holding on the left. Compare them to the Hulk Energy prototype can image and you will see what I mean.

  2. I tried this a number of years ago, and thought it tasted just like a Socko. Not that that was bad – I loved Socko – but I thought that it should taste a little more… Hulky. I imagine if this could come out now it would be full of electrolytes, workout supplements and a healthy dose of horny goat weed…

  3. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    These were also available in the Midwest. I remember drinking Hogan Energy and Raw Attitude Energy. They were both available at Walmart in Wisconsin and licensed to Socko by WWE. I wish I could buy them again. They were one of my favorites.

    Also, I'm pretty sure they used the name "Hogan Energy" as opposed to "Hulk Energy" (just like the TV show was "Hogan Knows Best" rather than "Hulk Knows Best") because WWE and WCW had to come up with licensing agreements with Marvel Comics to use the "Hulk Hogan" name in the first place.

  4. were can i buy hulk hogans energy drink now i would love drink agan were can buy so can it now


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