Coming Soon: Red Bull Editions – Red, Blue, and Silver

At the recent NACS show in Las Vegas, Red Bull announced that they are bringing 3 special edition flavors over to North America.

Red Bull Editions - Silver, Blue, and Red

Red Bull Editions – Silver, Blue, and Red
(Source: Used by Permission)

They've previously been released in select European markets, but now we'll get a chance to try The Red Edition (Cranberry), The Blue Edition (Blueberry), and The Silver Edition (Lime). These are the first flavor extensions for Red Bull.

Red Bull Editions as portrayed in Europe

Red Bull Editions as portrayed in Europe

Taking a look at Red Bull's Austrian website, we can pull (and translate) some details from the Editions FAQ. It's noted that these flavors are based on the same traditional Red Bull formula, with the different tastes added on top. Additionally, Red Bull notes that these products have a different look from their other products because "variations in taste need their own design."

Watch for these to arrive in March 2013.


  1. Drink Dude says:

    From what I have read, these flavors will be quite a divergence from the original Red Bull flavor. It seems like the silver will be the closest to the energy drink flavor. Their Red Bull "Zero" product really is not enough of a distinction in the drink market and these products will likely fill that gap. I imagine these drinks are set up to compete with the more fruity flavored Rockstars and Monsters.

  2. rojotoro 2012 says:

    Cant be any worse than the original

  3. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    These are already out in Wisconsin. The blue was my favorite, but I probably won't be buying any of them again.

  4. Five years ago I would have been running to the store to try this, but today there are so many good tasting flavored energy drinks, I don't care one way or the other. Thanks for the news update though – I always enjoy reading about new stuff even if I have no plans to drink it!

  5. redbull is amazing overall. i can only imagine these flavours will be deadly. when will these be in canada


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