Review: Capone Family Secret Root Beer

I live in Chicago. I’ve grown up in Chicago. I’m well aware that folks outside of Chicago associate mobster Al Capone with our fine city. But it gets old after a while. And obviously, it’s an angle that can be used to sell products, as evidenced by Capone Family Secret Root Beer.

Capone Family Secret Root Beer

Capone Family Secret Root Beer

My biases aside, Capone comes in a 12 oz brown glass bottle and is sweetened with “sugar,” though I’m not sure what type of sugar that is. A die-cut paper label surrounds the bottle, showcasing some vintage illustrations of a bootlegger’s truck. The following story is also featured in really tiny type:

During the 1920′s Capone’s warehouses were raided by the police 137 time, eager to seize their inventory of illegal alcohol.  There were only a few items found on every single raid and it was not alcohol.  It was cases of the “Capone Family Secret” Soda.  After 80+ years the “Secret” Soda was finally made public, so families can enjoy great sodas, while experiencing a piece of history.

I didn’t call up the Chicago History Museum to verify if this story was accurate, so we’ll let it slide for now.

Popping the bottle cap, you are greeted with a very cream-influenced scent. This is not a bitter root beer, but one that is pretty foamy and smooth. It’s sweet, but not painfully so. There’s no bite; it goes down quite well. Color is light brown with a notable foamy head. There would appear to be a vanilla-infusion in the flavor mix, which would explain the creamy essence of this beverage.

Overall, this isn’t a horrible root beer, but at the same time, it’s not quite notable either. Take away the gangster story and you are left with your average root beer.

Capone Family Secret Root Beer
Carbonated Water, Sugar, Caramel Color, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), Natural Flavor, and Citric Acid

A 12 oz bottle contains 180 calories, 30 mg sodium, and 30 g carbs (30 g sugars). Caffeine free.

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