Coming Soon: Zun-Pop

The folks behind Zun Energy Drink are phasing out their energy product, previously featured in both rocket-shaped bottles and aluminum cans. However, they are refocusing on a new kids product called Zun-Pop.

Zun Pop

Zun Pop

When I asked founder Brian Stearns about the change, he noted that he “always felt the bottle was meant for a kids drink,” which means that we’ll see the rocket ship bottle once again!

The new product will appear “mid 2013″ and feature an “all-natural, caffeine free, functional beverage.”

For those interested, here’s the press release:


ZUN reinvents itself as an all natural ‘kid friendly’ beverage.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Boulder, Co |Tuesday, January 22, 2013 — Fuzzee Bee Beverage Company, makers of ZUN- Out of this World® has announced it will be redesigning its core products and has officially discontinued production of its energy drink. ZUN has seen unprecedented regional trial; however, the brand is reformulating and refocusing attention on developing an all-natural, caffeine free, functional beverage. ZUN plans on keeping its original, unique flavor.

“Fuzzee Bee is a young, innovative beverage company and we have made the decision to discontinue production of our energy drink due to production costs, shrinking margins and increasing category roadblocks. We are in process of a major redesign and reformulation of our products” stated Brian Stearns, Founder and CEO. “ZUN has had incredible traction, with brand recognition due to ZUN’s unique components and flavor. Being just another caffeinated “energy drink” with B vitamins isn’t the core of our vision, so the transition and timing makes sense. We are evolving” added Stearns.

The original ZUN ‘secret flavor’ will be used as the basis for the new ZUN-POP all natural soda and functional beverage line. ZUN is targeted for 5 unique, Incredibly Refreshing® flavors and will contain all natural ingredients, low sugar content, no artificial dyes, and a version that is caffeine free. The new ZUN “Pop” is scheduled for release sometime mid 2013. Please contact ZUN for more information, new investor opportunities, packaging partnerships, distribution, retail and other opportunities.