Can Holiday: National Pig Day – March 1


National Pig Day was started in 1972 by Sisters Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave. According to Rave, the reason for the holiday is “to accord the pig its rightful, though generally unrecognized, place as one of man’s most intellectual and domesticated animals.”

How to Celebrate

If you are a teacher, talk to your class about pigs. If you own a deli, offer free bacon to your customers. You can also watch episodes of The Muppet Show with Miss Piggy and “Pigs in Space” or watch Looney Tunes cartoons with Porky Pig. If you have more time, watch Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web or Babe in Babe. The Children’s Zoo in Central Park, New York City, has been known to celebrate this day with “snort offs” during their annual National Pig Day Celebrations.

The Can

1976 Piggly Wiggly Draft Style Root Beer Can

1976 Piggly Wiggly Draft Style Root Beer Can

To honor this day we are featuring the 1976 Piggly Wiggly Draft Style Root Beer can.  Piggly Wiggly is a supermarket chain that has been around for around 100 years. The stores are in the Southern and Midwestern United States.  The name comes from the sight of seeing pigs struggling to get under a fence and the pig itself reminds me of Porky Pig in a paper hat.

Happy National Pig Day (3/1)!

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