Can Holiday: Dentist’s Day – March 6



How to Celebrate

The idea behind Dentist’s Day is to promote dental hygiene awareness and thank your dentist for keeping your teeth clean.  Today is a good day to pay closer attention to your teeth by flossing and brushing them a little better than you normally do.  You could also call or send a card to your dentist thanking him or her for a job well done.

The Can

2008 Mountain Dew Game Fuel - Cherry

2008 Mountain Dew Game Fuel – Cherry

To honor this day we are featuring a can of 2009 Mountain Dew Game Fuel Cherry, with World of Warcraft branding. On it is a green-skinned orc who is in serious need of a dental visit. I’m sure some dentists have patients like this that are a challenge to their dentistry skills and perhaps their patience.

Happy Dentist’s Day (3/6)!

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