Can Holiday: Mario Day – March 10


Mario Day began when gamers noticed that March 10th could also be written as “MAR10″.

How to Celebrate

The idea behind Mario Day is to honor one of the most famous video game heroes, who also has a day job as a plumber, Mario.  Today is a good day to hook up the old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) from the early 1980s and play Super Mario Bros.  Did you know Mario first appeared in 1981 as “Jumpman” in Donkey Kong?

The Can

2008 Power Up Energy Drink Can

2008 Power Up Energy Drink Can

To honor this day we are featuring the 2008 Power Up Energy Drink Can. Mario has also appeared on many other cans over the years including Orangina, Pepsi, Shasta, and believe it or not, Nintendo brand soda!

Celebrating "MAR10 Day" at World Headquarters

Celebrating “MAR10 Day” at World Headquarters

Happy Mario Day (3/10)!

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