Can Holiday: Johnny Appleseed Day – March 11


Unknown, however, the day coincides with Johnny’s death.  Typically holidays that honor individuals occur on their birthday.  Johnny Appleseed (real name: John Chapman) is an American pioneer nurseryman from the 18th and 19th centuries known for his generosity — and planting many, many apple trees in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and northern counties of present day West Virginia.

How to Celebrate

You could plant an apple tree, eat an apple, give your teacher an apple, bake an apple pie, eat Apple Jacks cereal, or do anything else apple related.

The Can

2002 SOL Apple Soda Can from Mexico

2002 SOL Apple Soda Can from Mexico

To honor this day we are featuring the 2002 SOL Apple Soda can from Mexico featuring Cartoon Network’s Johnny Bravo.

Happy Johnny Appleseed Day (3/11)!

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