Coming Soon: Natural Jones Soda

Update 4/30/13: BevReview has reviewed this new line of Natural Jones Sodas. However, for those interested, here is the official press release announcing the product launch:

Jones Soda Co. Launches Natural Jones Soda in California

April 30, 2013 08:00 AM

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jones Soda Co., a leading premium beverage company known for its colorful sodas and customer-designed packaging, today announced the launch of Natural Jones Soda. Initially available only in California, the new product line is sweetened with a proprietary blend of natural sweeteners including pure cane sugar, organic agave syrup and stevia. Each 12-ounce glass bottle contains 30 calories, five grams of fiber and five grams of sugar and comes in four fruit flavors: Green Apple, Orange Mango, Cherry and Lemon Lime.

Natural Jones Soda

Natural Jones Soda
(Source: Jones Soda)

“Given growing demand for more healthful beverage options, we wanted to challenge ourselves to deliver an all-natural soda with less sugar and fewer calories than any other product available,” said Jennifer Cue, CEO, Jones Soda. “We are innovators, and we listen to our consumers with whom we have a close, almost personal relationship. When they raised concerns to us about the use of high fructose corn syrup in our industry, we answered that call by being the first nationally distributed brand to completely reformulate our products with pure cane sugar. And now, as tastes and trends evolve, we are continuing to listen to our consumers by creating Natural Jones Soda, a new class of great tasting, lightly sweetened soda with no preservatives and no artificial colors.”

With California chosen as the launch market due to its progressive and health-conscious demographic, Natural Jones Soda will be sold in select Whole Foods stores in Northern California as well as most Albertsons stores in Southern California. The product will be sold as a four-pack or as individual bottles. The average retail price for a four-pack is $5.49.


Update 3/18/13: Per Jones, this product is sweetened with pure cane sugar, organic agave syrup, erythritol, and stevia.

Original Story 3/11/13: While we wait for more official information, Jones Soda has a teaser graphic on their website at the moment announcing a new product line: Natural Jones Soda.

With 30 calories, 5 g sugar, and 5 g fiber, this is obviously a new low cal entry (but different than Jones Zilch), denoted to be available “exclusively in California in 2013.”  Curious.  Four flavors are featured in the graphic: Orange Mango Soda, Cherry Soda, Lemon Lime Soda, and Green Apple Soda.



Back in March 2012, Jones announced their Au Naturel water line, which never saw the light of day. However, in the press release, it was noted to use natural sweeteners, such as cane sugar, stevia, and agave syrup. One wonders if we’ll see those appear in the new Natural Jones lineup.

Additionally, this new line should not be confused with the similarly-named Jones Naturals product line, which was phased out in 2010, along with Jones Organics, Jones 24C, and Jones GABA.

As we mentioned, as more information becomes available, we’ll provide an update!