Review: Nehi Orange

Rounding out our trilogy of "Nehi in glass" reviews, which kicked off with Nehi Grape and Nehi Peach, we pull an icy cold bottle of Nehi Orange out of the BevReview fridge and give it a taste!

Nehi Orange

Nehi Orange

For those of you first joining the Nehi bandwagon, here's a quick primer on the brand that we first featured in our review of Nehi Grape:

Launched in 1924, Nehi has been produced by a company that constantly was changing names, starting with Union Bottling Works, then Chero-Cola Company, and eventually the Nehi Corporation. Another successful brand from the same company, Royal Crown Cola (i.e. RC Cola) prompted another renaming of the owner, thus the Royal Crown Company was born. Thanks to corporate wheeling and dealing of trademarks and brands, today Nehi is owned in the United States by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, while internationally it's controlled by Cott Beverages as part of Royal Crown Cola International. As such, outside the U.S., the drink's flavors are known by the brand RCQ rather than Nehi. Confused yet?

Our glass bottle measures 12 oz, and like the other two we reviewed, was purchased in North Carolina where a southern bottler makes the brand available with sugar and in glass – a departure from the traditional way Nehi is handled nationally. The "chiseled" Nehi logo is featured on the label — which is a transparent sticker — as well as the bottle cap. A circled "N" sits in a box rotated 45 degrees on both the stem and main label area.

Orange Bottle Cap

Orange Bottle Cap

Nehi Orange is not surprisingly colored bright orange. Shocking, I know. When you remove the bottle cap, you are greeted with an unexpected faint orange scent. I expected something much stronger. As for the flavor, it was disappointing. Like Nehi Grape and Nehi Peach, it was quite sweet, stemming from the use of sugar as the sweetener. But the orange flavor itself was pretty weak; it felt mostly sugary with not a lot of emphasis on the orange itself. There was also a somewhat funky aftertaste in play that seemed to have plastic-y attributes, which was odd, given that this was a glass-bottled drink. It just wasn't the clean orange I expected. Give me a bottle of Fanta Orange from Costa Rica!

Nehi Orange is a disappointment.

Nehi Orange
Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, phosphoric acid, potassium benzonate (preservative), gum acacia, ester gum, natural and artificial flavors, Yellow 6, Red 40, Yellow 5

A 12 oz. bottle contains 190 calories, 50 mg sodium, and 52 g carbs (50 g sugars). Caffeine free


  1. Shirley Cullins says:

    Are they still making these drinks? How can I get them? And where's the strawberry?