Can Holiday: Poultry Day – March 19



How to Celebrate

The idea behind Poultry Day is to honor all of the different types of fine feathered friends – and their eggs… by eating more of them!  You can have a feast today with eggs, chicken, turkey, and ostrich burgers (former Fuddruckers menu item).  If you are a vegetarian, you could help some chickens escape from their chicken prisons (legally, of course).  You can also watch poultry entertainment on TV, whether it is Foghorn Leghorn on Looney Tunes, the chickens of Chicken Run, or Camilla from The Muppets.

The Can

2001 Chicken Run Energy Drink Can from Germany

2001 Chicken Run Energy Drink Can from Germany

To honor this day we are featuring the 2001 Chicken Run Energy Drink can from Germany, featuring Fowler. Chicken Run is a stop animation film from 2000 where chickens try to escape their death on the farm. Fowler, voiced by Benjamin Whitrow, is an elder of the coop with former Royal Air Force experience.

Happy Poultry Day (3/19)!

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