Can Holiday: National Joe Day – March 27



How to Celebrate

The idea behind National Joe Day is to call yourself “Joe” for a day.  If you are female, call yourself “Josephine”.  The name “Joe” refers to being a regular guy.  You may have heard these terms before: “Average Joe”, “Lucky Joe”, “Joe Blow”, and “G. I. Joe”.

The Can

To honor this day we are featuring the 1991 A&W Root Beer can with none other than Snoopy celebrating National Joe Day as “Joe Cool”.  (We previously reviewed this entire 1991 Snoopy A&W Can Collection.)

1991 A&W Snoopy Joe Cool Can

1991 A&W Snoopy Joe Cool Can

Snoopy first appeared as Joe Cool in a Peanuts comic strip that was published on May 27, 1971:

Snoopy's First Appearance as "Joe Cool" - May 27, 1971

Snoopy’s First Appearance as “Joe Cool” – May 27, 1971

Happy National Joe Day (3/27)!

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