Can Holiday: National Doctors’ Day – March 30


National Doctors’ Day started in 1933 by Eudora Brown of Winder, GA, which is when general anesthesia was used in surgery.

How to Celebrate

The idea behind National Doctors’ Day is to say thank you to your doctor whether it is in person, by email, a note on a prescription pad, or with a card.

The Can

2004 Diet Dr Pepper Doctor Octopus Can

2004 Diet Dr Pepper Doctor Octopus Can

To honor this day we are featuring the 2004 Diet Dr Pepper Doctor Octopus can from the Spider-Man 2 set. Before Doctor Octopus became an archenemy to Spider-Man, he was a very intelligent and highly respected nuclear physicist, inventor, and lecturer. To assist with his research he invented a radiation-resistant device with mechanical arms that had great strength and precision. He attached this to a harness that he wore on his back. The apparatus became fused to his back after a radiation leak and since his brain was also altered, he was able to control the tentacle-like arms with his thoughts.

Happy National Doctors’ Day (3/30)!

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