Review: Snapple SnapPunch Watermelon Punch

Snapple SnapPunch Watermelon Punch

Very sweet & fruity, with a syrupy aftertaste. This budget beverage from Snapple — part of the new SnapPunch lineup — provides a watermelon flavor that’s tasty and quenching.

Can Holiday: Hairstyle Appreciation Day – April 30

1994 Mirinda Orange Soda Can from Mexico

Crazy hair and Tweety Bird? It all comes together on this 1994 Mirinda Orange Soda Can from Mexico, perfect to denote Hairstyle Appreciation Day!

Can Holiday: National Shrimp Scampi Day – April 29

2006 Coca-Cola Light Can

Something’s fishy! Maybe that’s due to our celebration of National Shrimp Scampi Day… and this 2006 Coca-Cola Light Can.

Can Holiday: Great Poetry Reading Day – April 28

1997 Vimto Fruit Drink Can

“A Poem About Clubbing”? You’ll find it on a can of 1997 Vimto Fruit Drink from Great Britain. Perfect to celebrate Great Poetry Reading Day!

On the Shelf: Pepsi & Mountain Dew 15 Bottle “Combo Pack”

On the Shelf: Pepsi & Mountain Dew 15 Bottle "Combo Pack"

BevReview reader Bob Manning spotted this Combo Pack of 16 oz bottles, featuring 9 bottles of Pepsi and 6 of Mountain Dew.

Can Holiday: Babe Ruth Day – April 27

1994 Red Rock Cola Can

It’s “The Soda that Babe Ruth Built”… or just a 1994 can of Red Rock Cola with the Babe’s face on it!

Review: Americana Honey Lime Ginger Ale

Americana Honey Lime Ginger Ale

The combination of lime and ginger make this drink quite memorable. Good citrus accent in addition to cane sugar and honey help separate this ginger ale from other vintage brands.

Can Holiday: National Pretzel Day – April 26

1977 Ortlieb's Beer Can

Celebrate Pennsylvania’s economy driven by pretzel sales. Yes, it’s National Pretzel Day, featuring this appropriate can image!

Coming Soon: Arizona Lemon Lime Rickey, Grape Lime Rickey, & Mango Lime Rickey

Arizona Lime Rickey Line: Lemon Lime, Grape, Cherry, & Mango

Arizona Beverage must have had good success with their Cherry Lime Rickey flavor, because they are adding 3 new tastes to what they have described as a new “Lime Rickey” line of drinks.

On the Shelf: Pepsi & Mountain Dew 28 Can “Combo Pack”

Pepsi & Mountain Dew 28 Can "Combo Pack"

28 can Pepsi & Mountain Dew “Combo Pack” isn’t democratically split. Spotted at Walmart by BevReview reader Terry Knab, it features 16 cans of Pepsi and 12 cans of Mountain Dew.