Can Holiday: Bacon Day – April 1


Bacon Day was started in 2000 by Alexa Haflord, Seth Rittenhouse and Evan Salim, who were graduate students in Bedford, MA.  The movement was so popular that it spread to Canada and Europe by 2003 became an international holiday.

How to Celebrate

The idea behind Bacon Day is to gorge yourself on bacon.  Bacon lovers often feel that “bacon is a vegetable”.  You can wrap it around Filet Mignon, eat it plain, or dip it in maple syrup – the sky’s the limit.  Your goal today is to consume bacon in any format imaginable.

The Can

2001 Diet Coke with Bacon Can

2001 Diet Coke with Bacon Can

To honor this day we are featuring the 2001 Diet Coke with Bacon can. This can was a very limited release of which was a concept by bacon enthusiasts at The Coca-Cola Company (yeah, right… Happy April Fools’ Day!  This was never a real product.  However, Jones Soda did release a bacon flavor in 2010 — and International Bacon Day actually takes place closer to the fall!)

Happy Bacon Day (4/1)!

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