Can Holiday: Pillow Fight Day – April 6


Pillow Fight Day was started in 2008 by The Urban Playground Movement.

How to Celebrate

The idea behind Pillow Fight Day is to have a fun battle with at least one other person with pillows as your weapons.  This day is so important to some people that it is an international day of events that are celebrated in many major cities around the globe.   Some cities holding Pillow Fight Day events are Chicago, London, New York City, and Toronto.  You can go to the official Pillow Fight Day website to find where and when a pillow fight is being held near you today.

The Can

2002 Diet Coke Can from Israel

2002 Diet Coke Can from Israel

To honor this day we are featuring a 2002 Diet Coke can from Israel. On it we see a boy in white pants, a red t-shirt, and a green button-down shirt relaxing and using a Diet Coke can as a pillow. I hope he doesn’t use it for Pillow Fight Day!

Happy Pillow Fight Day (4/6)!

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