Can Holiday: Winston Churchill Day – April 9


Winston Churchill Day commemorates April 9, 1963. This is when John F. Kennedy held a ceremony to make Winston Churchill become the second Honorary Citizen of the United States. Winston Churchill was a notable political figure in the 20th century. He lead the United Kingdom in World War II, served as Prime Minister twice, was an officer in the British Army, an artist, a historian and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

How to Celebrate

The idea behind Winston Churchill Day is to spend some time reading about him and remembering his great accomplishments.

The Cans

To honor this day we are featuring two cans.

2002 Pepsi Jeff Gordon Can

2002 Pepsi Jeff Gordon Can

The first is the 2002 Pepsi can that reads “Congratulations Jeff Gordon and the #24 crew on WINSTON Cup Championship #4!”

2000 Churchill London Dry Gin & Tonic Can

2000 Churchill London Dry Gin & Tonic Can

The second can is the 2000 CHURCHILL London Dry Gin & Tonic from the Russian Federation.

Happy Winston Churchill Day (4/9)!

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