Can Holiday: Cosmonautics Day – April 12


Cosmonautics Day commemorates April 12, 1961, when Russia put Yuri Gagarin into space. Yuri was the first man in space aboard the Vostok 1. He spent about 108 minutes in orbit. Russia also sent the first living creature into orbit on November 3, 1957. It was a dog named Laika aboard the Sputnik 2. On April 7, 2011, the United Nations officially declared April 12th as the International Day of Human Space Flight. Today is also the anniversary of the 1st Columbia Space Shuttle flight, which occurred 20 years after Vostok 1 on April 12, 1981.

How to Celebrate

Today is a good day to research and look into some of the great accomplishments in space. Russia was first in the “Space Race” and after years of competition, many nations now work together for the better of the entire world. If only we could follow that though process here on Earth.

The Can

2011 Sprite Can from the Russian Federation

2011 Sprite Can from the Russian Federation

To honor this day we are featuring the 2011 Sprite can from the Russian Federation featuring a yellow space rocket in space surrounded by planets and stars.

Happy Cosmonautics Day (4/12)!

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