Can Holiday: Pet Owners’ Independence Day – April 17



How to Celebrate

Pet Owners’ Independence Day is a day to switch places with your pet.  They are supposed to be “independent” like you and go to work, do the food shopping, clean the house, feed you, and pick up after you.  You are supposed to take on your pet’s life and do pretty much nothing but sleep on the floor or the couch, eat, and do your business (which your pet is responsible in cleaning up).

The Can

1983 K-9 Kola Can

1983 K-9 Kola Can

To honor this day we are featuring the 1983 K-9 Kola can. On this can is a dog in a tuxedo holding a martini glass. On it reads the words, “A Nutritious Soft Drink ‘For Dogs’” and “Non Carbonated – No Caffeine – No Cola Beans”.  Yes, K-9 Kola was a soft drink just for K-9 Konsumption.

Happy Pet Owners’ Independence Day (4/17)!

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