Review: Arizona Sweet Apple Juice Cocktail

So wait, Arizona makes apple juice? With 15% juice inside, we take a look at Arizona Sweet Apple Juice Cocktail, available in this 23 oz can.

Arizona Sweet Apple Juice Cocktail

Arizona Sweet Apple Juice Cocktail

This flavor builds on Arizona’s existing juice blend line. I know that here in Chicago they are quite popular with various audiences, including our growing Hispanic population. It’s a smart play by Arizona to offer somewhat bilingual label branding to cater to this market.

Like other juice blends, the Arizona name is prominently located towards the top of the can, accented with the Southwest motif. The red/yellow/green motif is carried throughout the can design, as graphics of apples are found on the lower portion of the can. A callout banner proclaims “Fresh Pressed.”

When opened, this drink looks exactly like what you’d expect apple juice to look like. The scent is subtle, but apple-y. I compared this flavor side-by-side with an off-the-shelf bottle of apple juice. The taste starts out the same as traditional apple juice, with a bold sweetness dominating the flavor.

However, while standard apple juice maintains a syrupy linger throughout the drink, Arizona’s take finishes a bit more watered down, fading out slightly. The biggest different, however, is that the aftertaste is quite tart. That’s where this drink breaks from standard apple juice. It’s a sweet + tart combo, something you don’t find during your morning breakfast experience. The tartness puts a nice exclamation point on the finish, making it feel less like a breakfast drink and more like something you’d want to drink at different times during the day.

Initially, I was skeptical about a drink that basically was a ton of apple juice in a can. However, the sweet/tart twist on flavors, as subtle as they are, is refreshing. It may not be something I’d hunt out, but if you encounter Arizona Sweet Apple Juice Cocktail, don’t be fooled. It’s not what you expect… especially from something sweetened with HFCS, sucrose, sucralose, and Ace-K.

Arizona Sweet Apple Juice Cocktail
Filtered water, fresh pressed apple juice, high fructose corn syrup (glucase-fructose syrup), sucrose, malice acid, natural flavors, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), sucralose (Splenda brand), acesulfame potassium

A 23 oz can contains 201.3 calories, 28.8 mg sodium, and 54.6 carbs (51.8 g sugars). 15% juice.

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Full Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of Arizona Beverage Company