On the Shelf: Mountain Dew 12 oz Longneck Bottles with Real Sugar

On the Shelf features unique beverage products that have be spotted and shared by BevReview readers.

Mountain Dew 12 oz Longneck Bottles w/real sugar

Mountain Dew 12 oz Longneck Bottles w/real sugar
(Photo by Russell Hanson. Used by Permission.)

BevReview reader Russell Hanson spotted these sugar-sweetened Mountain Dew glass bottles at Walmart.  Of note is that these are using the 1970s/80s Dew logo, but aren't denoted as "Throwback" items.  12 oz longneck bottles available in 4 packs.


  1. BJ Wanlund says:

    I believe I have seen Pepsi too in that same endcap display with the Mountain Dews… I may take the opportunity to check it out at some future point.

  2. I bought these at Target. There are Pepsi bottles, too.. Nice to see the retro logo and real sugar.


  1. [...] glass bottled MT Dew is back! And not just the "Throwback" Here's a story about it's return! I might have had all 4 bottles in the last day. To be fair, they ARE only 12 ounces. But Mmmmmm so [...]

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