Can Holiday: World Lab Animal Day – April 24


World Lab Animal Day (also known as World Day for Animals in Laboratories) began in 1979 by the British National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS). April 24th was chosen as it is the birthday of former NAVS president Hugh Dowding.  Ironically, it falls just one day after World Laboratory Day.

How to Celebrate

The best way to celebrate World Animal Lab Day is through awareness and support. Understand that while some species of animals like tigers, elephants and bald eagles are protected by law, there are others like mice, rabbits, cats and dogs that are not and used for scientific research.  There are some protective laws in the United States, but they are not easily enforced and this is a global issue. It is estimated that more than one million animals die each year from undergoing laboratory experiments worldwide.  Mice are used most often as their genes are 99% shared with humans. Over 20 million rodents are experimented on yearly in the United States alone.  Albino rabbits are used to test cosmetics as they have less tear flow than other animals and have a lack of eye pigment. Frogs are used for neurological and cloning testing.  Cats are also used in neurological testing, while dogs are used in biomedical research. There is also a practice of breeding animals specifically for laboratory experimentation.

You can help by doing more research about this and making people aware that many of the products they are using are a result of animal lab testing.  You can take it one step further and only buy cruelty-free products.  If everyone did that, millions of animals would be saved as the demand for products that practice lab testing on animals would be significantly decreased. It’s a shame that so many animals are tortured and die each year so people can buy some new makeup or household cleaners.

The Cans

To honor this day we are featuring two cans from the 1992 Coca-Cola Mickey’s Toontown set promoting the opening of Mickey’s Toontown on January 24, 1993 at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

1992 Coca-Cola Mickey's Toontown Can

1992 Coca-Cola Mickey’s Toontown Can

The first is a can of Coca-Cola featuring Mickey Mouse driving his car.  On it the can reads, “Mickey’s House”.

1992 Diet Coke Mickey's Toontown Can

1992 Diet Coke Mickey’s Toontown Can

The second is a can of Diet Coke featuring Roger Rabbit. Both cans also have the text, “Discover The Land That Toons Built!”  How would you feel if Mickey or Roger (or your pet dog or cat) had to undergo animal laboratory testing?

Not-So-Happy World Lab Animal Day (4/24)!

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