Review: Arizona Iced Tea with Strawberry

It’s another tea flavor from Arizona. Are you shocked? I think it’s more unbelievable that they didn’t have Iced Tea with Strawberry until now. But in the past year or so, strawberry seems to be a good flavor addition for them, showing up in both the Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus lines of drinks as well.

Arizona Iced Tea with Strawberry

Arizona Iced Tea with Strawberry

Like most flagship Arizona products, Arizona Iced Tea with Strawberry comes in a 23 oz can. This one features a black background, crosshatch pattern, and strawberry graphics spread throughout. The “Arizona” name is the dominant logo item, with small type denoting that this is “Iced tea with Strawberry flavor.”

Opening the can, you are greeted with a very sweet scent, strong on strawberry, light on tea. That synopsis carries over into the drink itself, which is dominated by the strawberry flavor. It’s very sweet. The color is light brown, typical of a tea drink. The strawberry accent reminded me a lot of the way that flavor is used in Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Strawberry Lemonade, which isn’t a negative thing at all. It’s a great accent to the primary flavor (lemonade or tea, in these cases). Strawberry also provides for an increased level or smoothness and drinkability.

Like most Arizona beverages, the primary sweetener in this product is high fructose corn syrup. No additional sweeteners are added, per the ingredient list.

Overall, Arizona Iced Tea with Strawberry is a tasty addition to the iced tea lineup of the brand. It’s smooth, sweet, and hits the spot well.

Arizona Iced Tea with Strawberry
Premium brewed blend of black teas using filtered water, high fructose corn syrup (glucose-fructose syrup), citric acid, natural strawberry flavor, maltic acid, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)

A 23 oz can contains 258.8 calories, 28.8 mg sodium, and 69 g carbs (66 g sugars)

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Full Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of Arizona Beverage Company