Can Holiday: Babe Ruth Day – April 27


Babe Ruth Day was started by Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Happy Chandler on April 27, 1947, in honor of baseball legend, Babe Ruth at Yankee Stadium.  George Herman Ruth, Jr. began his career in 1914 when he was 19 years old.  At that time, he signed with the minor league Baltimore Orioles where his teammates gave him the “Babe” nickname.  The exact origin of the nickname is unknown, but most likely originated from Ruth’s young age as a rookie and being picked on by the other veteran players.  Before the end of his first season with the Orioles, he made a jump to the majors when the Boston Red Sox picked him up.  While part of the Red Sox, Ruth led them to two World Series wins in 1916 and 1918 as their pitcher.  In 1919, Ruth was sold to the New York Yankees for a large sum of money and because of his notorious off-field behavior.  It was with the Yankees that Ruth became famous.

With the Yankees, Ruth played the outfield so he could concentrate more on being a full-time hitter.  Ruth became so popular in fact that the Yankees moved their ballpark to the Bronx.   This ballpark became referred to as “The House That Ruth Built”.  Perhaps Ruth’s greatest achievement was during the 1927 season when he broke the world record with hitting 60 home runs – a record that would last for 34 years.  Ruth solidified his legendary status when he “called his shot” in the 1932 World Series when he pointed to the outfield stands before hitting a home run.  When he was honored at Yankee Stadium on April 27, 1948 on Babe Ruth Day, it was an emotional time for fans as he was battling throat cancer.  One year later at age 53, Ruth passed away.

How to Celebrate

To celebrate Babe Ruth day, you can watch this 1947 Newsreel, attend a baseball game, play a baseball game, or throw the ball around for a game of catch with someone.   Two films that you can watch are 1948′s The Babe Ruth Story or 1992′s The Babe.

The Can

1994 Red Rock Cola Can

1994 Red Rock Cola Can

To honor this day we are featuring a 1994 can of Red Rock Cola. On it is a picture of Babe Ruth and his quote “It’s the Finest Cola Drink I Ever Tasted”. It also has a baseball and a picture of an original Red Rock Cola bottle. Red Rock Cola was the only product endorsed by Babe Ruth.

Happy Babe Ruth Day (4/27)!

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