On the Shelf: Wild Cherry Pepsi, Orange Crush, & Mug Root Beer 32 Can “Combo Pack”

Wild Cherry Pepsi/Orange Crush/Mug Root Beer 32 can "Combo Pack"

Pepsi goes for flavor with this 32 can “Combo Pack” featuring Wild Cherry Pepsi, Orange Crush, and Mug Root Beer. Spotted in the Detroit area at Walmart and Sams Club by BevReview reader Bob Manning.

Can Holiday: World No Tobacco Day – May 31

2008 Mr. Martin's Liquid Smoking Can

Don’t smoke. Instead, try this can of 2008 International Mr. Martin’s Liquid Smoking, which tastes like herbal lemonade and provides relaxation elements.

On the Shelf: Mexican Coke 6-Pack with 12 oz bottles

Hecho En Mexico? Yup!

If there was any doubt that Coke isn’t pushing Mexican Coke into more U.S. markets, this 6-Pack of 12 oz bottles should squelch that discussion. Spotted by BevReview reader Bob Manning, the classy packaging doesn’t hide that this version of Coke is “Hecho En Mexico.”

Can Holiday: Water a Flower Day – May 30

1990s Fanta Orange Can from Thailand

You can celebrate Water a Flower Day by… watering a flower with 1990s Fanta Orange Can from Thailand?!

Can Holiday: Oak Apple Day – May 29

Oak Apple Day

Oak Apple Day has a weird history, which is why we’re pulling out Pokemon and The Simpsons cans from Mexico and the UK to celebrate!

Coming Soon: Arizona Soda Shaq Cream Soda

Arizona Soda Shaq Cream Soda

Arizona and Shaquille O’Neal have used the power of social media to announce a new drink collaboration: Soda Shaq Cream Soda, soon to be available in 4 flavors: Blueberry, Orange, Strawberry, and Vanilla.

Review: Arizona Lemon Lime Rickey, Grape Lime Rickey, & Mango Lime Rickey

Arizona Lemon Lime Rickey, Grape Lime Rickey, & Mango Lime Rickey

After successfully carbonating cherry and lime, Arizona’s Lime Rickey line grows to add tasty additions with Lemon and Mango, but the best flavor is by far the Grape!

Can Holiday: Hamburger Day – May 28

1939 Burgermeister Beer Can

The term “Hamburger” originated from Hamburg, Germany, which is why we’re celebrating Hamburger Day with this 1939 Burgermeister Beer Can!

Can Holiday: Memorial Day – May 27

1981 Iron City Marine Corp League Can

Memorial Day began as Decoration Day to remember those who died during the American Civil War. By the 20th Century the name changed and the holiday’s purpose extended to remembering those who died in any military service.

Can Holiday: Sally Ride Day – May 26

Sally Ride Day

Did you know the Cola Wars reached into space? As we celebrate Sally Ride Day, we look at two cans from 1985… Coke and Pepsi in special cans for the Space Shuttle crew!