Can Holiday: Baby Day – May 2



How to Celebrate
You can celebrate this day by spending extra time with your baby. Don’t have a baby? Don’t worry, you can always make one or adopt one. Aren’t ready for that type of commitment? Babysit. By babysitting, you get to give the baby back. You can also watch Three Men and a Baby or Disney/Speilberg’s Maroon Cartoon short, Tummy Trouble from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, starring Baby Herman and Roger Rabbit.

The Can

1970s Red Baby Soda Can

1970s Red Baby Soda Can

To celebrate this day, we selected a 1970s can of Red Baby Soda. It is a solid red can that says at the top, “a cherry lemony-lime pop in the mouth!”

Happy Baby Day (5/2)!

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