Review: Mr. Cola

For those who don’t need higher education with their beverages, move over Dr Pepper… it’s time to spend the day with Mr. Cola!

Mr. Cola

Mr. Cola

This is another vintage brand revived by the folks at Orca Beverage Soda Works of Mukilteo, WA. Originally created in 1949, Orca snapped up the trademark in November 2011. They are offering this product in a 12 oz clear longneck bottle, complete with a vintage-styled label design, which curiously places the phrase “Mr.” in quotes. What’s that about?

This product was originally created to compete with other colas at the time, being given the name, the “Aristocrat of Colas.” With cane sugar and caffeine, I guess that works quite well!

Popping the bottlecap off, you are greeted with a cola scent, more on par with RC or Coca-Cola than Pepsi. It’s less sweet. The flavor is a solid cola experience with a very clean aftertaste. It reminded me a bit of other non-mainstream colas, such as Jarritos Mexican ColaTrader Joe’s Vintage Cola, or Jones Pure Cane Cola Soda. While the scent doesn’t hint at the sweetness, the flavor is definitely sweet. It’s a standard cola and not distinctively memorable, however.

Mr. Cola has a nice vintage package and presentation. The cola flavor is of good quality and provides a nice change of pace from established brands. Still, it’s not a unique experience that you’d want to revisit repeatedly.

Mr. Cola
Carbonated water, cane sugar, caramel color, phosphoric acid, natural flavors, caffeine

A 12 oz bottle contains 150 calories, 85 mg sodium, and 39 g carbs (39 g sugars)