Can Holiday: Windmill Day – May 10


Unknown. The first windmill is said to have been built in the 1st century AD by Greek engineer Heron of Alexandria. Windmills are typically very large structures that capture wind via sails and convert the wind energy into energy for other uses.

How to Celebrate

Windmill Day is a good day to visit a windmill. Please note that I am not referring to a wind turbine. I am talking about a real old-fashioned windmill. If you need help finding a windmill, here is a worldwide list.

The Can

1989 Pepsi Spocott Windmill Can

1989 Pepsi Spocott Windmill Can

To celebrate this day, we selected the 1989 Pepsi Spocott Windmill Can from the Delmarva 1989 set. On the can is a picture of the Spocott Windmill. The text on the can is as follows, “Spocott Windmill, West on Rt. 343, 6 miles from Cambridge at Lloyds, Cambridge, Maryland, Places of Interest to Visit on Delmarva 1989″. Delmarva is the name given to the peninsula on the East Coast of the United States that contains Delaware (DEL), and some land area of Maryland (MAR) and Virginia (VA).

Happy Windmill Day (5/10)!

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